10 best Street mapping platform/Google map alternative

10 best Street mapping platform/Google map alternative
Google Maps is a web mapping product developed at Google by Lars Rasmussen and Jens Rasmussen. It offers satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, 360° interactive panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, air and public transportation.It's a all around soultion for  Street mapping and direction however if you are looking for alternative here a list to help you:

10 best Street mapping platform/Google map alternative

1. Brick Street View 

Brick Street View is called to be one of the leading competitors of Google Maps; it is offering real-time views of the streets and important places in a different style. Those using Google Maps knows it offers line based maps, while Brick Street View provides a view of the popular locations in a very different style. It offers the brick or block-based maps to its visitors. Brick Street View seems to be very friendly and interactive, but in term of providing the most relevant information, it is not too good. First of all, it does not offer too much zoom in and zooms out function. Secondly, in most cases, it shows the block-based or brick-based images and does not give the name of the location. It seems to be giving the blueprint of the location you have searched for.

2. MapStreetView 

MapStreetView is a Google Images-based website that makes it easier for people to explore Google Street View images for free. However, this website claimed not to be affiliated with Google at all, as it is just using the mapping and imaging services of Google to offer the street view services in a different way. Its web interface is not cluttered with too many options and functions. There are two different search modes available in the main section, using which the visitors can search for location either from the map that is available on the main website or try searching from the search bar at the top left corner. As you will start exploring, you will get detailed images of the location you have provided, or what you are looking for.

3. Random Street View

Random Street View is a street mapping platform offering people across the world get random street view images of popular places of the world. It is not extending its services to all locations in the world. However, still, it is the best source for getting real-time street views of most of the countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and few African countries. Random Street View heavily relies on Google Maps and few other services. Its user interface is very simple showing a map on the front page. At the side of the page, there is a search bar where the users first need to select the country in which they want to see the location. After that, they require to provide the name of the place they want to see on the screen.

4. YouAreThere360

5. eMaps 

eMaps is one of the best means of exploring your city. Visit the official website, and you will get instant access to the most important areas of your city. You can search the favorite cities by addresses, intersection, and even by postal code as well. It offers its users different printing tools, mapping category and selecting relevant information to view as well. One of the best things about eMaps is that it offers its users different searching tools like searching and finding points according to interest, searching for schools, searching for parks, searching major buildings, and much more. There is a detailed help section for the visitors’ assistance, letting visitors know about this website properly for assistance. For further information, you need to know that eMaps do not offer satellite images, it only shows simple maps and images of the important areas.

6. OpenStreetCam 

7. Instant Street View 

Instant Street View is a Google-powered street viewing platform. It offers free and simple means of viewing your street and important locations over a map. One of the best features about Instant Street View is that it lets its visitors view almost all locations of their area on a map and then share the results with their friends as well. As Google is powering it, it offers one of the fastest and easiest ways for street viewing. Just move to the official website of Instant Street View, start typing the name of the address, and get a satellite image of the actual surrounding. Here the users can try all kinds of possibilities like changing the direction, zoom in and zoom out the system, switching between map and satellite, and much more. Furthermore, the users can directly view opened locations on Google Maps as well.

8. StreetViewFun 

StreetViewFun is a Google Map and Google Earth, based platform that allows you to go through a library of entertaining and interesting imageries. This platform contains different categories that would provide you access to some of the amazing and interesting images which were published by Google Maps. All the images included in it are just for the sake of entertainment, as there is no reason to mock an individual using these pictures. There is a section in this website named “Top 100” where you will find all the top-rated and most viewed images of all time. Furthermore, it also lets you submit images on your behalf, and during the submission process, the website will review your content as if does not contain any content to reveal someone’s identity or proven to be a threat to the individual represented in the image.

9. Fast Street View

Fast Street View is a Google Maps, and Google Earth support street maps viewing a website that allows its visitors to explore the places around them. It lets its visitors view their favourite areas in 360 degrees, panoramic and street-level imagery format. As you see your desired location, you can share the images with your friends as well. In short, Fast Street View has a lot of options to offer you that will make your day. The only limitation imposed by Fast Street View is that you cannot view the area of any location if it is two hundred meters away from your present location. In case you are in Australia, then you cannot see any location in the United Kingdom. However, if you are in diameter of two hundred meters of your present location, then you can surely search for the nearby location. 

10. Google Street View

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