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10 best services to Reduces your online gaming latency, Ping and lag

Ping and lag are enemy when it comes to online gaming and streaming, Ping and lag can turn gaming experience sour real quick and ruin your day. For Ping and lag a number of network booster can be used to boost their overall gaming performance and provide fastest gaming experience; here are Top 10 best services to Reduces your online gaming latency listed; find out which one is best suited for your gaming experience; read on: 10 best services to Reduces your online gaming latency 1. ExitLag  ExitLag is a freemium gaming solution that optimizes your gaming console and connects you with a stable server to deliver the best gaming experience. It comes as an alternative to King Ping and offers all the core services with some new tools and features. You need to add it to your PC and enjoy the best gaming experience. The solution has a range of tools that boost the overall gaming experience and enhance FPS performance during gameplay. ExitLag support almost all the major video games, in

10 best Food ordering apps to use 2021

1. Foodpanda  Foodpanda is an international web-based food ordering marketplace and one of the emerging markets. Currently, it is serving in most countries around the globe, especially in Asian countries. The online food booking service lets people select from local restaurants and place orders through official websites and mobile applications. It is partnered with almost forty thousand restaurants globally, making it a leading food delivery service in the world. The customers order food by entering their postcodes and browse for the food from the list of available restaurants. They can also create meals by exploring restaurants’ menus and select items they want to order. 2. Deliveroo  Deliveroo is a web-based food order and delivery service that can be accessed from almost a hundred famous countries like, United States, United Kingdom, UAE, Middle East, Asia, and other developed ones. This is a London-based company founded in 2013, and soon after that, they have spread t

10 best Exam preparation simulator and Test preparation app

1. ProfExam Creator & Player Take advantage of this advanced exam preparation simulator for getting prepared for the certification level of exams. It is one of the most accomplished solutions for easy creation and holding of examinations of all standards. One of the best things about ProfExam Creator & Player is that it allows its users to practice via tests and exams samples created by it. Recently it has launched a unique feature in the shape of taking the exam in the PDF format and then converting it into a full-fledged exam that users can try to pass. Six main features of the ProfExam Creator & Player are advanced exam editor, importing from PDF and RTF file, exam player to play same file in most of the devices, session review system to review the answers, session configurator system to configure session before taking the exams and no subscription at all. 2. TCExam  TCExam is an easy to use platform that only needs a popular web browser, and after that, us

10 best Street mapping platform/Google map alternative

Google Maps is a web mapping product developed at Google by Lars Rasmussen and Jens Rasmussen. It offers satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, 360° interactive panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, air and public transportation.It's a all around soultion for  Street mapping and direction however if you are looking for alternative here a list to help you: 10 best Street mapping platform/Google map alternative 1. Brick Street View  Brick Street View is called to be one of the leading competitors of Google Maps; it is offering real-time views of the streets and important places in a different style. Those using Google Maps knows it offers line based maps, while Brick Street View provides a view of the popular locations in a very different style. It offers the brick or block-based maps to its visitors. Brick Street View seems to be very friendly and interactive, but in term of providing the most rel