Why your Website Losing Visitors? How to fix it?

Why your Website Losing Visitors? How to fix it?
Nothing is scarier than losing visitors, and losing visitors are responsible for Alexa rank, Page rank falling most of all site's monetization process become slower. if your site is failing to get more visitor than usual then you need to check few factors, factors are responsible for slowly, but surely your  traffic numbers decline, despite not having changed much of anything about the way you publish content or optimize your website for the search engines, these basic factors are given below, read on and take action against decline in your visitors rate.

Why your Website Losing Visitors? How to fix it?  

1. Content is Out of Date
 Majority of content becomes old and declines in value, resulting in a SERP decline. Google loves updating for fresh relevance and value, and so do readers. There is a way to tell if your content isn't as enticing to searchers as it used to be is to monitor that page's analytics, and if something that used to get a consistently high influx of visitors now gets less and less, it's likely that the content on the page is decreasing in value to most readers. So update your site regular basis.

2. New Competition
There are too many search-engine optimization pros think they’re doing something wrong without considering the possibility of increased competition rival sites poaching their users. This is one of the reasons why conducting regular industry assessments and search audits is imperative. So you got to do SEO right by Google and by producing killer content face the competition.

3. Shifts in Algorithm Values
Google seems to favor certain types of content for one of your keywords or targeted search terms, maybe that means you should consider making a video or infographic the next time you consider writing a blog post about a that topic. For you to stay popular on Google, be aware the search engine looks for its desired answers.

4. Doing Black Hat SEO
Black hat artists use disreputable SEO strategies to trick search engines into a high ranking on the SERP. If you’re discovered using black hat techniques, you’ll be penalized. So steer clear that path.

5. Visitor's Just Not That into Your Content
To rectify this problem, you should be aware of the top sites and blogs in your niche or industry, and take note of what they’re regularly publishing content in order to understand emerging trends and what their readers are saying in comments sections and on social media sites to see what they’re asking for, so that you have a better idea of what content will be engaging and valuable to the visitors you want to attract.

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