15 Tools for Facebook Marketing you need to use right away

15 Tools for Facebook Marketing you need to use right away
Facebook is the biggest social media and social networking service right now which received ultimately 2 billion active users in June 2017. Facebook has utilized growing internet markets using a social media platform to expand its user base while generating billions of dollars in revenue from Facebook's companies,
cause Facebook's platform is efficient because it lowers barriers to entry and lowers costs for businesses to rapidly innovate new ideas. But without Marketing your product on Facebook just using social media to get done business is completely stupid, that's why you need to do Facebook Marketing right away, first step is get familiar with Facebook Marketing tools which can help you a lot with Facebook Marketing at ease, read on:

15 Tools for Facebook Marketing you need to use right away

1. Facebook Ads Manager 
Through Facebook Ads Manager, you have access to all of the marketing tools necessary to create targeted ads meant to reach your audience. This is the most basic Facebook marketing tool, but that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer. If you plan on advertising your small business on Facebook, you must understand how to use it as part of your media strategy.

2. Qwaya
With Qwaya you can Optimize your Facebook marketing and save time with a powerful and affordable tool alongside with Ads scheduling and rotation, bid rules, Ads A/B Testing , conversion tracking. One of the top platforms for creating Facebook advertising campaigns, Qwaya is the perfect solution for media marketing experts.

3. Facebook Timeline Contest
Facebook Timeline Contest is a free tool to run contests on your Facebook Timeline. Reward your fans and increase engagement by running sweepstakes, quizzes, and photo contests. Randomly pick winners from fans who have liked or commented on a post. Run a quiz and pick from correct answers. Ask fans to comment with photos, then pick winners from the most liked comments.

4. LikeAlyzer
LikeAlyzer helps you to measure and analyze the potential and effectiveness of your Facebook Pages. It allows you to monitor, compare, and explore all the possibilities of your Facebook Page by evaluating your activity. Get detailed information and explanation of identified issues, tips on how to address issues.

5. AdEspresso
AdEspresso is the Facebook advertising and marketing tools, this one is, by far, among the simplest and most straightforward. It only takes a few minutes to get started, the learning curve is minimal and the results can be astounding for your digital marketing success. it offers
  • Facebook Ads Compass: Facebook Ads Compass from AdEspresso is a free report that analyzes your Facebook Ads campaign to discover what’s working and what’s not. Understand the key metrics of your campaign. Compare side-by-side the age, gender, countries, placements, and devices of Facebook users, to find out what’s making you money and what’s a waste of time.
6. Headline Analyzer 
Headline Analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and search-engine-optimization value. It also provides suggestions on how to improve a generic headline. Use the headline analyzer to see your optimal character length for search engines like Google and email subject lines, while also getting a glimpse of how your readers will scan your headlines.

7. Social Ads Tool
Social Ads Tool is a trusted provider with the primary goal of driving advertising and lead generation success on Facebook. It has Automatic ads optimization. With this feature, the optimization engine calculates your bid and delivery based on ROI, CPC and CPA (Conversion tracking). Deep reporting: For those times when you need more information about your audience, you can generate ad, hourly and keyword analysis reports.

8. Polldaddy 
Polldaddy creates surveys and polls to engage your Facebook followers. Choose from 14 question types, including multiple choice, free text, and Likert scales. Watch your results in real time as they come in. Create filters to analyze your data and reports to share it. Price: One branded account is free. Paid plans start at $200 per year.

9. ShortStack
ShortStack is a self-service platform that helps you build engaging social media campaigns. The platform features more than 30 widgets, 30 themes, and 90 templates, all of which you can use to build contests and sweepstakes, special offers, landing pages, custom forms, and more. Access real-time data including campaign views, unique views, traffic sources, number of entries, number of shares, device types etc.

10. Pagemodo
Pagemodo makes social media marketing simple for small business owners by providing a suite of tools to engage followers. Pagemodo features tools for cover photos, contests, custom tabs, scheduled posts, Facebook ads, and more. Create a professional-quality design, target your audience, set your budget, and measure your results. Save your designs so you can test small changes to optimize future campaigns.

11. AdRoll
AdRoll allows you to reach potential customers regardless of the device they are using, including smartphones and tablets. Re-targeting on Facebook allows you to reach customers when they’re most interested in what you have to offer. When Someone visits your website, They leave your website without completing the desired action for lead generation, such as making a purchase.
12. Hootsuite
Hootsuite is tool to manage your social networks and schedule posts. Monitor what your audience is saying about your brand. Get analytics on how well your social media efforts are being received. Connect with over 35 social networks, including Facebook.

13. Socialoomph
Socialoomph is a tool to boost your social media productivity. Easily schedule updates, find quality people to follow, and monitor social media activity. Schedule status and page and group updates. Track keywords, follow-back followers, integrate blog and social media updates etc.

14. Post Planner 
Post Planner makes it easy to find, plan, and post content on Facebook and Twitter. Post Planner shows you top performing content for any social media account, hashtag, or topic. Add your favorite accounts, hashtags, keywords, and blogs. Then pick the best content to blow up your engagement.

15. TabSite 
TabSite offers promotions apps for your Facebook pages  web and mobile. Create a variety of engagement tools, including contests, coupons, and promotions. Free plan includes Timeline Contest, image app, and email sign-up apps.

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