10 Essential Tips for Facebook Live

10 Essential Tips for Facebook Live
Facebook launched the ability for verified public figures to broadcast live video streams using the exclusive Facebook Mentions app in August 2015, Streams appear on the News Feed, and users can comment on them in real-time. Live broadcasts are automatically saved as a video post to the streamer's page. Ability to live-stream began to roll out for public use in January 2016, beginning with the Facebook iOS app in the United States. In April 2016, Facebook unveiled a live-streaming application programming interface, aimed to allow developers to use any device, including professional video cameras and drones, to integrate with the live-video streaming platform. Facebook also updated its mobile app to provide a dedicated section for showcasing current and recent live broadcasts. Facebook Live is quickly becoming the hottest new live-streaming platform for both publishers and regular people. While Facebook Live users are still trying to figure out what resonates most with their viewers, some best practices are emerging. There are also some essential tips and tricks We'd like to share for Facebook live's best use. Read on:

10 Essential Tips for Facebook Live

1. Write good description: Sounds pretty obvious, but a good description will often mean the difference to someone deciding if it’s worth it to tune in. Use personality in the wording so it’s aligned with your brand or who you are, and keep them short.

2. Promote more: A Facebook spokesperson said those who tease upcoming Facebook Live broadcasts tend to have higher viewership than those who don't.

3. Pick the right time: A good place to start is your Facebook page's Insights section: You'll be able to see when most of your followers are online, which will more than likely correlate with when your broadcast's reach is highest. The longer you broadcast, the more likely your friends and followers are to discover your video live; aim to broadcast for more than 10 minutes. But! Don't overdo it or drag broadcasts out any longer than they need to be.

4. Plan better: Don’t go into a broadcast without a plan; know what you want to do in the video, whether it’s a few key talking points or to have a few questions ready ahead of time in a Q&A, in case the comments slow down.

5. Get personal: Beyond just reading comments and questions, say hi to viewers by naming them personally and encouraging them to stay engaged with follow-ups and suggestions. It'll make everyone feel more part of the experience.

6. Invest in some equipment: No one wants to watch a shaky live stream. Consider buying a tripod or other professional-level tools, especially if you’re taking viewers on a tour. You can also get creative by putting your phone against a stack of books or against a coffee mug. Be sure to check the shot before going live.

7. Give context: When starting a broadcast, be sure to introduce yourself and what you’re doing, if you’re hosting a live fitness show, for example, let everybody know what today’s focus is and don't forget to mention it a few times throughout the broadcast for those joining late.

8. Be authentic: It may be obvious to some, but the more real you are, the more viewers will identify with you and care about what you’re doing.

9. Get the lighting and Sound right: Pick a spot with good lighting or go outside, but don’t have the light directly behind you. Too many broadcasters overlook sound. If you're in a loud space, you're going to need some kind of external microphone to make sure your viewers can actually hear anything.

10. Finish it nicely: When ending a broadcast, pause for a few seconds until you hear the “ping” sound that signals you are no longer live. Don’t jump the gun and sign off too soon, or there could be awkwardness.

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