10 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies to follow

10 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies to follow
Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users as of June 2017. As of April 2016, Facebook was the most popular social networking site in the world, based on the number of active user accounts. Facebook has become one of the best drivers for some people especially business owners use it as their number one source of traffic and sales and a spot for branding in terms of conversions and sales for most of Business. It offer many opportunity also it has become more comparative recent years, so getting along with the competition you need to follow strategies, here below we rounded up top 10 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies, read on:

10 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies to follow

1. Leverage the Existing Traffic to Your Site 
You can easily leverage the existing traffic on your site by putting social media icons that can be seen and clicked, which are direct links to your Facebook page and any other social media account pages you have.
Most websites put their social media icons on their homepage or header since it is the area where these icons could be easily seen; thus, this move provides better click-through rate placements. Remember that it is advisable to have a website for every business since it will function as your sales transaction hub or storefront where people buy your products or learn more about your services.

2. Use E-mail Signature to Display Facebook URL
If you’re using e-mail as one of the ways to contact or reach your customers, using your e-mail signature to display your fan page URL will be effective. Having your social media pages URL beneath your e-mail messages or at your signature will make your recipient see it easily and probably click it, which can convert into traffic or a following. If you have current events on your social media pages, you might want to include them in your e-mail signature with a call-to-action format.

3. Promote In-store Facebook Page   
Promoting your Facebook page and other social media accounts in-store is just another great way to let your customers know that you are on Facebook.  Remember that if you’re exerting efforts on your Facebook marketing online, you should also do it offline. You might also want to put your social media account pages links on your: business cards,  front of doors, packaging.

4. Schedule and Timing your posts
Determine the Best Day to Post using Facebook Page Insights. By going to your Posts Insights, you will be able to see the average time when your fans are online. In case you’re planning to schedule three posts, you might want to check the best hours that your fans are online and select those hours on scheduling your post.  Alternatively, tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social will help you find the data and metrics you need including what type of post you should be using for your social media copies.

5. Use the Facebook Plugins
Integrating Facebook Plugins on your website will give you more advantages on branding awareness and followers increase on Facebook. For blogs or websites with sidebars, you may want to use the Facebook Like Box or Like Button.

6. Use Facebook Ads
Investing on Facebook ads will give your business a lift especially if you’re a start-up or a small business. Facebook ads aren’t expensive as you might think; you will love them once you tried to test them to get the best conversion that can impact your followers and your business growth. Consistent testing and experiments are necessary once you use them.
  1. Target your desired audience (gender, age, locations). 
  2. If you use Google Analytics display tracking, you can use the data from there and use it for re-targeting.
  3. Use an engaging picture if you’re planning to use Facebook ads for your page or external pages.
  4. Use an easy-to-answer or an engaging ads description, here’s an example.
7. Integrate Social Media Sharing  
Using social media plug-ins or integrating social media sharing buttons on your website makes it easy for your visitors and customers to share your website pages. Once a person shared your content through Facebook and other social media sites, their friends can easily see those links on their Facebook profile and news feed.  You could also gain a share from them, which will make the process repeatable in a sense that it can also be shared by their friends of friends possibly making it viral. This will also help increase your website traffic.

8.  Engaging
  • With your Facebook Community: Engaging and talking with your community on Facebook could build a strong relationship, trust, and loyalty. The most exciting result about this is that they can also turn into your repeat customers or potential leads.  Facebook can also be used as one of your customer support hubs. 
  • Engage with Other Facebook Pages: You might want to engage with other Facebook pages using your Facebook page account. Find those Facebook pages where your customers hang out.  Your comment will serve as a link toward your page that can lead to an additional like or following.
9. Create Facebook Contest 
  • People love contest and free stuff. Doing a Facebook contest for your fans will give you higher engagement scores and activity. A simple “caption-this-photo” contest can bring in 5.5 times more connects than regular posts.  If you sell products, you might want to give one of your products as a prize; whereas if you provide services, perhaps a free 1-hour consultation, designs, or any of your service can be used as the prize. Make sure that everybody can join and don’t forget to promote it.
  • Use the “@ feature” in Facebook  Using the @ feature for Facebook will let your fans feel that they are important and are part of your business page. Show gratitude and enthusiasm by using Facebook @ feature whenever your fans appreciate or ask something about your business because it can build a fruitful relationship and loyalty between your business and your customers. 
10. Create or Join Facebook Groups
Facebook groups have three types of privacy: open, closed, and secret. These different types also serve different functionality and ways to use. They can be greate way to reach to new potential customer and build community.

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