10 Best Web Application Testing Tools

10 Best Web Application Testing Tools
Web Testing is the terms of checking your web application for potential bugs before its made live or before code is moved into the production environment. It also test for:
  • Functionality: This used to check if the app is as per the specifications we intended for it as well as the functional requirements we charted out.
  • Usability: Usability testing can be carried out by testers like you or a small focus group similar to the target audience of the web application. 
  • Interface: Three areas to be tested here are - Application, Web and Database Server.
  • Database:  Database is one critical component of web application and stress must be laid to test it thoroughly. Test if any errors are shown while executing queries, Check response time of queries and tune them if necessary.
  • Compatibility: Compatibility tests ensures that your web application displays correctly across different devices. May also check for Mobile Browser Compatibility. 
  • Performance:  This will ensure your site works under all loads. Make sure optimization techniques browser and server side cache enabled to reduce load times.
  • Security:  Security testing is vital for eCommerce website that store sensitive customer information like credit cards.
Here for checking these options of your web application we listed the top 10 Best Web Application Testing Tools, Read on:

10 Best Web Application Testing Tools

1. WebLOAD 
WebLOAD is an enterprise-scale load testing tool which features powerful scripting capabilities, so you can test complex scenarios. WebLOAD supports hundreds of technologies from Selenium to mobile, web protocols to enterprise applications and much more. WebLOAD allows you to generate load both on-premise and in the cloud. You can start with WebLOAD Free Edition, which features 50 virtual users and is fully functional – perfect for DevOps and testing development servers.

2. Apache JMeter 
Apache JMeter is an Apache Open source load testing tool, written in Java 6+ and supports all platforms. JMeter is used for load testing and to analyzing and measuring the performance of system/application.  web testing1  Also, this tool is helpful in testing JDBC database connections and OS Native processes. It analyses overall performance under different load on a server, group of servers & network place. Its strong GUI design helps in fast building of Test Plan and debugging process.

3. NeoLoad
NeoLoad is a Neotys load and stress testing tool for Windows, Linux, and Solaris, available in English and French with the latest version, designed to measure, analyze and improve the performance of the website. By using this tool we can get very fast result. Give surety that your website will be accurate and reliable to fulfill the business and user expectations. Although, load increases on the website due to simultaneous access of many users, this tool will be helpful in checking the performance of the website under heavy load.

4. LoadRunner
LoadRunner is a load testing tool for Windows and Linux, given by HP to test the web and other applications very efficiently before it goes to end user hands. LoadRunner is very much helpful in determining the performance and result of the web application under heavy load.  It handles various protocols for load testing: .NET Record/Replay, Database, DCOM, GUI Virtual Users, Java Record/Replay, Network, Remote Access, Remote Desktop, Rich Internet Applications, SAP, SOA, Web 2.0, Web and Multimedia and Wireless.

5. LoadUI
LoadUI is load testing tool written in Java, JaveFX, and Groovy language, and supports all platforms. Mostly,support web services and SopaUI 5.0 (functional testing tool). This latest version corrected some issues that were there in the previous version of LoadUI, issue: “File “.bat, .sh and .command” line ending issue” and the About LoadUI dialog box does not display always.  Now, it is available in Pro version. LoadUI Pro drag-and-drop powerful interface facilitates you to test the overall load efficiently in real-time environment.

6. Loadster
Loadster is used to test the performance, stability, and scalability of web applications/services and websites. It simulates numbers of users, networking with the site and collects stats for each virtual user distinctly. Loadster is a commercial load testing tool to test websites, web applications/services and to simulate and guess how web applications will perform under heavy load, given by Loadster, supports Linux, Mac, and Windows.

7. Load impact
Load impact is online load testing tool used to test websites, web applications, mobile applications and APIs under heavy load for all platforms.  Load impact uses to test all applications/services and websites online, instead of setting-up offline to test the application. Testing process is very fast and simple. You can also repeat the test very easily in very less time.

8. Wapt  
Wapt is a load and stress testing tool works on all Windows, provides an easy and cheapest way to test websites, like; business applications websites, mobile websites, web portals, etc.Testing requires 500MB of free disc space, browsers and OS of 64 bit version. It works on secure HTTPS websites, dynamic content and RIA applications under data-driven mode.

9. Qtest  
Qtest is a web load testing tool analyses the application completely and accurately, given by Quotium Technologies SA, supports all Windows platforms. Its original User interface (UI) is easy to use and understand, and used as an OnDemand hosted solution or an OnPremise application.

10. Telerik Test Studio  
Telerik Test Studio tests the functionality, performance, and load of web, desktop, and mobile applications. The tool offers a plugin for Visual Studio and a standalone app that used to test the cross-browsing issue and have the same file-format.  Test Studio supports, languages; HTML, AJAX, Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript and WPF andrun test on browsers; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

So which one is your favorite tool, don't forget to mention :)

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