10 Best Social Media Marketing Services

10 Best Social Media Marketing Services
Social Media Marketing is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to building name recognition and driving consumers to your business. Whether your company has exclusively online or a combination of both, online marketing is essential to your success. One critical component of internet advertising is effectively harnessing social media to your advantage. Social platform has basic tools to help you create an ads and promote your products or services, social media marketing services are specially designed to help you quickly pinpoint your audience, which social media sites they are accessing, critical SEO terms you should be using and the best placement of your marketing materials so you don't waste money through trial and error. That's why here we've rounded up top 10 Best Social Media Marketing Services that have a proven track record of successfully marketing small businesses. Read on:

10 Best Social Media Marketing Services

1. WebiMax 
WebiMax social media marketing service can help you design your business profile on each social media outlet, develop a specific strategy, create content or manage the everyday upkeep of your online presence WebiMax's social media marketing services includes geo-specific targeting. This is local research and outreach to make sure the audience you are building is in the best position to use your services. WebiMax can help you with link building, or backlinking. This connects all of your social media pages with your business website, helping you rank higher in search engine results.

2. Ignite Social Media
Ignite markets your business across all platforms of social media. Distribution and strategy is key for this social media marketing firm, as is targeting certain regions for your brand. This social media branding service focuses on qualified traffic, making sure that you're drawing the best demographic to your brand. Ignite also generates backlinks to your site, which improves your search engine results. While Ignite doesn't create your social media profiles for you, it can help create and manage the promoted content.

3. Customer Magnetism
Customer Magnetism is social media company and marketing agency focused on two key aspects of social media management: original content and optimized reports. Both play a huge part in today's social media outlets. Customer Magnetism has strategies it tailors to your business to help you meet your social media goal, This service also monitors your online reputation and addresses negative comments or feedback quickly so you can maintain a positive image.

4. Pandemic Labs
Pandemic Labs is a social media marketing firm that collaborates with you to determine the best social media practices to raise awareness of your brand and drive traffic to your business. It also provides you with insights and measurements about your campaigns. You receive weekly updates that measure community growth, and the service regularly updates you on your company's progress. To help your team understand your social media campaigns, offers speaking engagements, panel discussions and workshops.

5. SEO Image
SEO Image is an online marketing company with a team devoted to social media marketing. This social media service focuses on driving traffic to your social media profiles and company website through link building and the development and promotion of creative, effective content.. Though it doesn't create your profiles for you, nor is it capable of creating video content, it manages your campaigns and carefully tracks its successes while making adjustments where necessary to drive traffic to your pages and website.

6. Portent 
Portent is dedicated to social media strategy and marketing with experience in branding, reputation monitoring and online content promotion. It is one of the few in our buying guide that offers an analysis of your competition as part of the initial research phase. It will also help you identify your target audience and determine trends in your geographical area to help create an effective campaign, where it focuses on social media marketing for small businesses at cost-effective prices.

7. Mint Social
Mint Social is a comprehensive social media marketing service, uses social media to build your clientele. It employs several SEO professionals. It incorporates a social media campaign into your online marketing plan using content marketing, brand development and reputation management techniques. It can help you maximize any media you have published such as press releases, articles or videos, to your advantage. If you need help creating content, it can help with that, too, even video content production.

8. OrangeSoda 
OrangeSoda social media marketing service offers different kinds of social media marketing services, including some that are unique. They have a team of experts dedicated to creating and managing social media campaigns. When you become a client, you are assigned an account manager who oversees the entire process of auditing your current website and social media profiles to promoting unique and compelling content for your target market.

9. iClimber 
iClimber helps your business build an increased social media presence through content generation, social bookmarking through sites such as Digg and the creation of blogs. They will help you create social media content, including blog posts and press releases. It will also conduct social media contests to drive engagement with your followers, does not produce videos for your social media channels, but it can promote videos you create by optimizing them for SEO on video social media sites like YouTube.

10. Lead to Conversion
Lead to Conversion's process helps you with advertising campaigns. It can develop a social media marketing plan customized to your company's goals. Lead to Conversion will then provide you with weekly analysis. It will also lend a hand in designing promotions, initiatives, and contests to drive traffic to your website and increase brand awareness.

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