10 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

10 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing
Now days social media marketing has become more popular in both Small business entrepreneur and Big Brick and Mortar businesses. It is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. Social networking websites are based on building virtual communities that allow consumers to express their needs, wants and values, online. Social media marketing then connects these consumers and audiences to businesses that share the same needs, wants, and values. Through social networking sites, companies can keep in touch with individual followers. This personal interaction can instill a feeling of loyalty into followers and potential customers. But expect of just doing business it also offers other benefits such as:

10 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

1. Increased Brand Recognition  
Social media networks are just new channels for brand’s voice and content. This is important because it simultaneously makes you easier and more accessible for new customers, and makes you more familiar and recognizable for existing customers. Every opportunity an entrepreneur have to syndicate content and increase visibility is valuable.  

2. Improved brand loyalty
Brands who engage on social media channels enjoy higher loyalty from their customers. Companies should take advantage of the tools social media gives them when it comes to connecting with their audience. A strategic and open social media plan could prove influential in morphing consumers into being brand loyal.

3. More Opportunities to Convert
When a Online business build a following, it'll simultaneously have access to new customers, recent customers, and old customers, and they'll be able to interact with all of them. Every blog post, image, video, or comment share is a chance for someone to react, and every reaction could lead to a site visit, and eventually a conversion.

4. Higher conversion rates
Social media marketing results in higher conversion rates in a few distinct ways. Perhaps the most significant is its humanization element; the fact that brands become more humanized by interacting in social media channels. Social media is a place where brands can act like people do, and this is important because people like doing business with other people; not with companies.

5. Higher Brand Authority 
Interacting with customers regularly is a show of good faith for other customers. When people go to compliment or brag about a product or service, they turn to social media. And when they post your brand name, new audience members will want to follow you for updates. The more people that are talking about you on social media, the more valuable and authoritative your brand will seem to new users.

6. Increased Inbound Traffic 
 Without social media, inbound traffic is limited to people already familiar with your brand and individuals searching for keywords currently rank for. Every social media profile added is another path leading back to following site, and every piece of content syndicated on those profiles is another opportunity for a new visitor.

7. Decreased Marketing Costs
If an businessman can lend just one hour a day to developing content and syndication strategy, they could start seeing the results of your efforts. Even paid advertising through Facebook and Twitter is relatively cheap. Start small and they’ll never have to worry about going over budget; once they get a better feel for what to expect, they can increase their budget and increase their conversions correspondingly.

8. Better Search Engine Rankings
As such, being active on social media could act as a “brand signal” to search engines that your brand is legitimate, credible, and trustworthy. That means, if you want to rank for a given set of keywords, having a strong social media presence could be almost mandatory. Google and other search engines may be calculating their rankings using social media presence as a significant factor, because of the fact that strong brands almost always use social media.

9. Richer Customer Experiences
Social media is a communication channel like email or phone calls. Every customer interaction you have on social media is an opportunity to publicly demonstrate customer service level and enrich the relationship with customers. It’s a personal experience that lets customers know business runner care about them.

10. Improved Customer Insight 
Social media also gives you an opportunity to gain valuable information about what customers are interested in and how they behave. For example, one can monitor user comments to see what people think of following business directly and measure conversions based on different promotions posted on various social media channels and eventually find a perfect combination to generate revenue.

Social media marketing can lead to more customers, more traffic, and more conversions, and it’s here to stay; The longer you wait, the more you have to lose.

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