10 Best Project management platform

10 Best Project management platform
Project management is the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. A project is a temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value. Now days these Project management become digital and computerized; so now a huge number of Project management software available to do so. Here below top 10 Best Project management platform listed; read on:

10 Best Project management platform 

Workfront project management platform is the best option for Marketing teams, IT teams, Services teams and for everyone. Better workflow, work management, visualizing work in real-time, accessing work from anywhere This web-based solution lets the project managers and executives to manage all your work, projects, and task in one place.

2. WrikeWrike is a platform that combines project management with a real-time workspace for collaboration, discussion, and data sharing. Managing the project is a more difficult task as compared to planning the project. When it comes to large and mega-sized projects it becomes even harder to manage them and take them to the end result.

JIRA is a project management & tracking platform that is designed for every member of your team. Plan and track your project via JIRA. Management can also prioritize and take action on what is important, and stay up to date with everything your team is doing. Plan your project by creating milestones, setting due dates, and assign the task to your team fellows.

4. Basecamp
Basecamp is a highly advanced project management platform that delivers the management to assign tasks and roles of every individual in the project. Basecamp can be easily accessed from any operating system and browsers, also built-in with email services. Basecamp can improve the performance of your team and easily manage your project.

5.  Microsoft Project
Microsoft Project is the product of Microsoft that is developed to help out the project manager in developing plans, assigning resources, duties, tasks or roles, analyzing progress and managing the planned budget and measure the workloads. Use Microsoft Project and make project management easy and engaging for project managers by enabling them to analyze resources, budgets and timelines.

6. Trello
Trello is a highly personalized project management platform that is the alternate of out of date spreadsheets, sticky notes, and clunky software. Instead of out of dated techniques, use Trello and see everything about your project on a single platform. Project managing officers can also place cards between lists and data to show progress.

7. Asana
Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams track their work. Asana is a web based project management platform that allows the project management officers to create the task for work they plan to do or need a teammate to do rather than sending them an email. Use Asana and organize your tasks into shared projects environment for your initiatives, meetings, and lists.

8. Teamwork Projects
Teamwork Projects is a web-based business solution for team collaboration and task management to enhance the productivity and performance of the team. The project manager can involve all those who are connected with any project instead of sending those tasks and data individually. It make a way to collaboration among the team members and allow them to involve on a centralized platform.

9.  ProofHub
ProofHub is an online platform for task management and collaboration that lets the PMO and executives to manage, discuss and communicate projects with the team members and clients at the centralized platform. It provide the basic features of task management, file & data sharing, Gantt charts, representations and those that are considered as important element for the throughout successful ending of any project.

10. Redmine
Redmine is a flexible project management platform that can be deployed for the multiple projects. Being a cross-platforms and cross-database, Redmine lets its users create their own projects. After creating their projects at the Redmine, the project managers will be provided with the project administration features of the Redmine in a simple form.

So which one is your favorite tool, don't forget to mention :)

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