10 Best Password manager application

10 Best Password manager application
It's not possible for us to remember all the computer programs and online logins account passwords so for saving us from these troubles there are a lot of Password manager application available on web. Here we sorted out the Top 10 Best Password manager application. Read on:

10 Best Password manager application

1. KeePass 
KeePass is an open-source password manager that is primarily used to manage all the passwords of social media accounts and other websites or the system itself at a centralize place and then instead of manually putting password each time in a website simply using the KeePass to enter the password.

2. Dashlane 
Dashlane is the ultimate password manager, digital wallet and auto form filler. Single setup of Dashlane can be used for two basic internet requirements of managing and securing passwords of almost all websites in a digital wallet of Dashlane and auto form filling system that saves the time of the users.

3. PassPack 
PassPack is a multipurpose password manager and auto login system that can be used by both individuals and large enterprises. PassPack has its own encryption system that provides the highly secure environment to the users to manage and organize all of their passwords. It is a way to maintain the strong password.

4. RoboForm 
RoboForm is s multi functional password keeper and password manager that is available for free for almost all Windows. It delivers the users with a highly encrypted password manager where they can keep the al their accounts credentials secure and safe like keeping in a digital locker or wallet.

5. 1Password 
1Password is a multi-purpose & cross platform password manager that is available for Windows, Mac, and smartphones for managing social media accounts and many other platforms. It is a platform for managing all information at one place for storing logins, credit cards information, identities, note.

6. PasswordBox 
PasswordBox is free that deliver the users with the system of managing multiple accounts and logins from a single platform available for Windows, OS X, and smartphones as well. If you are using multiple users names and accounts, simply use the all-in-one password manager will assist you in managing all of your accounts.

7. Secret Server 
Secret Server is an enterprise level of a password manager that itself comes in the enterprise version. Secret Server is an enterprise application that is particularly designed for active directory integration and automatic changing of passwords on servers, workstations, routers and many others.

8. Sticky Password Pro 
Sticky Password Pro is an automatic password manager and form filler that enhances the efficiency of the users by saving their time that otherwise wasted in logging each time of filling the new form. This system allow the users to keep the list of those websites where they are required to frequently check in.

9. Secure Login 
Secure Login is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox that is integrated with the solution of password management for those users who have to frequently login to various websites. By using the Secure Login the can overcome on the basic issue of logging into each and every desired website again and again.

10. KeyWallet 
KeyWallet is a free to use password manager that delivers the users with the ease of saving the accounts information of any website and accessing these at any time and from anywhere. The users are only required to remember the one master account and password and that will be of the KeyWallet.

So which one is your favorite don't forget to mention :)

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