Top 20 Content Management system scripts

Top 20 Content Management system scripts
Content management system/CMS is a computer application that supports the creation and modification of digital content using a simple interface to abstract away low-level details unless required, usually supporting multiple users working in a collaborative environment. Here in this post we gathered Top 20 Best content management system scripts for your consideration. Read on:

Top 20 content management system scripts

1. WordPress
WordPress is the leading content management systems in the world that in addition to providing the platform for publishing, and website maintenance tools, deals in the creation of blog and websites as well. This content management system delivers the webmasters and bloggers with all those tools and functions that assist them in managing all of their online content from editing to publishing.

2. Joomla
Joomla is an user end content management system for the mobile users to deal with their mobile based websites and even create the new one. The features of extensibility, a powerful content management system, option for frontend editing, content versioning, menu management, tagging, and being the multilingual makes the Joomla one of the best content management systems for the mobile based websites.

3. Drupal
Drupal is an open source CMS that delivers the solution for documentation and source for download and provide some hosting solutions as well. Drupal is the fine selection of almost two hundred plus improvement and features that enable the users in order to managing their online content, priorities their tasks as well according to individual importance of each task.

4. Stacey
Stacey content management system for managing the all type of content of any website. It requires no kind database setup or installation of a file that make the Stacey one of the best lightweight yet powerful content management system. The process of working with Stacey simply starts by dropping the apps in a server and then it will automatically start it to run.

5. Contentful
Contentful is the one of the best CMS because of being based on the API; rather than merely focusing on the browser. The best about Contentful is that it delivers the webmasters and web developers with the system of customization to structure and organize their content according to their own requirement. Contentful one of the best CMS in the online world where the users are no more required to deal directly with the raw API as SDKs for the most languages have been already created by the Contentful.

6. ImpressPages
ImpressPages is an open source content management system that delivers the website administration and layout features in a single pack. It is one of the most user friendly CMSs that instead of providing unnecessary tools and functions focus more on those that are regarded as must have for an impactful online presence. It is a PHP framework based content management system that features the simple yet effective coding.

7. MODx
MODx is  flexible CMS that for those who want to get creativity in their work. It is for those who want to get complete command and control over all of their content work. The main advantage of using MODx is that it delivers the developers and web masters with more scalability and flexibility that assist them in modifying the feature and functions of MODx subject to their own requirements.

8. Plone
Plone is an open source CMS that is accompanied with independent content management framework. It is a Python-based content management system that in addition to greater flexibility and configurable options provide the developers with the system of excellent security. It is available in over forty international languages. In addition to managing and building the websites, Plone gives the powers of building even intranets as well.

9. Concrete5
Concrete5 is an open source CMS that empowers the developers and editors to share more professional and highly engaged content with others. It is the fine collection of all those elements and supports that assist the developers and webmasters in creating a creative piece of work. Concrete5 is not for building the simple websites and blogs only.

10. SilverStripe
SilverStripe is an ultra-modern CMS that has own independent extensible programming framework based on the modern days content management requirements. SilverStripe is not about providing the system for web content management only; it provide the users with the system of enhancing engagement with their visitors as well. The infrastructure and development features of the SilverStripe are the fine combination of expertise and simplicity at the same time.

11. Contao
Contao is a next generation content management system that is based on the open web standards system with the system of being adaptable according to the requirements of the users. The user-friendly interface and management system of deploys the Web 2.0 and Ajax that ensures the best usability options. It is backed with a powerful permission system, advanced search system, and a pack of independent themes.

12. ProcessWire
ProcessWire is an open source and PHP based cost effective and time efficient content management system that support the management and development of any type and at any scale. It is based on the requirements of the common content management practices that’s why it can be molded according to the requirements of the developers and webmasters.

13. Exponent
Exponentis is notable free and open source content management system that contains its own independent modular software framework of enterprise level. Exponent CMS is written in PHP programming language. The enhanced editing system of Exponent CMS delivers the developers with the power of editing the content of any page of the website without any further requirement of back-end administration system.

14. GetSimple
 GetSimple is free, flat, and extensible web CMS that is based on the environment of making the work of its developers and webmasters easy and simple. GetSimple CMS is written in the PHP and deploys the XML file sin order to store the web content. Being the flat CMS, GetSimple CMS is different from those CMSs that utilizes the MySQL databases.

15. Impress
Impress is a MySQL and PHP based CMS for dealing with dynamic websites. It has its own open-ended set of architecture that permit the webmasters and web developers to add the extra modules into the core content management system of the ImpressCMS in order to enhance its functionality. It assist the users in keeping their website up to date and secure by using its flexible system of maintenance and management.

16. RavenNuke
RavenNuke is a CMS that supports the managing and publishing content on the intranets and websites. It features the basic content management tools that are regarding caching to enhance the performance of content, printable version of web pages, blogs system, RSS feeds, website searching, etc. RavenNuke is PHP-based content management system that utilizes the MySQL database management system in order to store the information.

17. Pixie 
Pixie is a free and open source CMS and web application for the management of small and medium sized websites. It is perfect for the content hangman of small based websites. Pixie CMS is written in PHP and deploys the MySQL database for data storage system. It is free to use content management system that provides the basic features of microformats, file manager, database backup system, setting the time etc.

18. Nucleus 
Nucleus is a PHP-based content management system for the small websites and blogs. It is written in the PHP and MySQL operate in the backend. Nucleus CMS is basically used for those website and content that requires the frequent updates. It is considered as the one of the most lightweight CMSs that has its own independent plugin system that is available in multiple languages.

19. October
October is a free, self-hosted and open source content management system. OctoberCMS is based on the Laravel web app framework and PHP programming language. Currently, it is supporting the PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MySQL as database backend. OctoberCMS is widely regarded as the CMS that works beyond the functionalities of CMS as it also supports the other features of website editing, designing and creation as well.

20. Open
Open is an open source Java-based content management system for dealing with large-scale enterprise level of websites. OpenCms provide the web developers and webmasters with the system of browser based work environment where it then provide a WYSIWYG for workflow management, and user management, in addition, to simply content management.

So which one do you use, don't forget to mention :)

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