Top 6 Best DJ software

Top 6 Best DJ software
DJs use equipment that can play at least two sources of recorded music simultaneously and mix them together. This allows the DJ to create seamless transitions between recordings. Often, this involves aligning the beats of the music sources so their rhythms do not clash when they are played together. DJ equipment also allows the DJ to preview a source of recorded music in headphones before playing it for the audience. Previewing in headphones helps the DJ pick the next track they want to play and seek within the track to a time when it will mix well with the currently playing music. One of the most important DJ equipment is the DJ software. Every professional or starter DJ should use these software. There are many DJ software available on web; but which one is best for you; Here we shorted down the list to minimum; Read on:

Top 6 Best DJ software 

1. VirtualDJ
VirtualDJ is an all in one DJ solution for audio and video mixing. It uses modern technology that enables the singers and musicians to mix better by concentrating on the artistic side of the mix. The best feature about VirtualDJ is that it is not limited to iTunes and Media player only to perform the mix. It provides special controls like crossfaders, loops, effects and many more to mix the song in a better and professional way.

2. Mixxx 
Mixxx is a free to use audio mixing software. Mixxx can easily integrates with iTunes, MDI controller, internet broadcasting and integrated music. Mixxx is a tool that can be equally used for mixing songs for party, at club or songs that you want to broadcast on radio. The other features of Mixxx are: powerful mixing engine, BPM detection and synchronization, DJ MDI controller, and iTunes integration.

3. DJ Mixer 
DJ Mixer is a program for mixing and playing songs with AutoMix Feature, Beat Looping Loops & Cues, Next Generation Sync, Video Mixing Mix Video & Karaoke. DJ Mixer provides the musicians a set of easy to use and simple interface digital decks to create mashup and mixture of the favorite songs. Virtual desks, volume system, speed controller, filters and many other controls provide a complete grip to the user over their tracks.

4. XWax 
XWax is a mixer for Linux operating systems. XWax is mixer for turntables and DJs to playback almost all digital audio formats files, controlled using a normal pair of turntables through time coded vinyls. It can be equally used for both beat mixing and scratch mixing as it is designed for both. Moreover, needle droops, spinbacks, scratching, pitch changes and rewinds systems are also supported with XWax.

5. Traktor Pro 
Traktor Pro is a DJ software that is designed by the professional DJs of the world. It is a great software for giving a new shape to your sounds as it has various professional features. The functions and features of Traktor Pro are: creative mixing system, powerful lopping tools, plus 1 knob Macro control, over forty mixing effects and many more.

6. Mixmeister 
Mixmeister is a professional mixer for creating custom party and DJ music. In addition to creating mashups or mixing songs, user can burn CDs and add special effects to their simple MP3 tracks. Mixmeister is for those musicians who wants to refine their songs with a unique style and effects. Use Mixmeister for mixing, mashups, burning into CDs, stream over websites and use for live performances as well.

So which one you gonna use; don't forget to mention :)

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