Top 10 Alternatives to Google Web Designer

Top 10 Alternatives to Google Web Designer
Google Web Designer is a program developed by Google for creating interactive HTML5 ads and other HTML5 content supported on Windows, Mac and Linux from. It offers a GUI with common design tools, such as a Text tool that integrates with Google Web Fonts, a Shapes tool, a Pen tool, and 3D tools for the idea of Google for presenting your idea across the screens. Google Web Designer is for brilliant developers who want to present a brilliant idea across the internet and it is a web developing platform for creating engaging, interactive HTML5 based designs and motions graphics and sites that can be operated from any device anywhere including PC, tablet and mobile without any compatibility issues. Google Web Designer integrated with Google Drive, AdWords, DoubleClick, pre-programmed web components, organization of multiple pages, navigate among pages and content, creating and manipulating of 3D contents, control of CSS3, visualizing 3D transformations, content creating tools, pen tools, Tag Tool., gradient editing tools, and map, it is also best for animation focused websites. Here below the top Top 10 Alternatives to Google Web Designer listed; Read on:

Top 10 Alternatives to Google Web Designer

1. WYSIWYG Web Builder
WYSIWYG Web Builder is a web building software program that is utilized for creating interactive web pages. The utility can generate HTML tags while you point and click on aimed functions. It allows you create a web page without even learning HTML. WYSIWYG Web Builder is such a platform that lets the users create HTML5 and CSS3 websites easily and quickly by using the advanced tools of the WYSIWYG Web Builder.

2. WIX 
WIX is a cloud website building platform for creating a website of every type for free. Start with rough data and end at the stunning and professional website. Creating website by using WIX is really easy and free. Either it is about building the business, design, online shopping store, portfolio & CV, restaurant & hoteling, photography, music & multimedia, accommodation, events or any other kind of website through HTML5 template editing Drag and Drop system.

3. Moonfruit
Moonfruit is a free-to-use web builder for making an own independent website.  If you are interesting in creating your own platform in the shape of website but have no knowledge of programming and coding then Moonfruit is a web builder where there is no requirement of any kind of pretechnical knowledge. Either you want to build a website or a shop, both are easy.

4. TextMate 
TextMate is basically an editor for the Mac OS X operating systems. TextMate supports various programming languages, packages and syntax highlighting. Every type of designing and programming is little difficult without having a proper text editor. TextMate is a dedicated platform for those purposes that eliminate the overwhelming and repetitive nature of tasks. 

5. Coda 
Coda is a text editor for your web and blogs. If you are looking for a clean, fast and professional text editor then here we are presenting Coda with a pixel perfect preview. Coda integrates advanced tools that let the users manage their local and removable files easily and even a dash of SSH. The advantages of using Coda are speed, accuracy, editor improvements, local indexing, plugin preferences, CSS overriding etc.

6. iBuilt
iBuilt is a web building and designing platform for making, designing and marketing personal website. iBuilt integrates all those features and tools that are important for making and designing point of view. Either it is about designs, SEO, web hosting, emails, credit card processing or multimedia, social media, online banking tools, and others, iBuilt integrates all these functions and features to ease the developers.

7. Squarespace 
Squarespace is a fully professional platform for creating and managing websites of all types. Building website by using Squarespace is really simple and easy. The interactive and user-friendly interface of Squarespace can be equally used by beginners and professionals. Designs, image manager, galleries, connected services, audio collection, layout engine, user data collection, user control are some available tools in Squarespace besides dozens of others.

8. Jimdo 
Jimdo is for creating website for free by using the professional web builder and developer of Jimdo. Jimdo is for creating the websites of professional level easily and quickly. Jimdo asks the users to start with rough data and end on a professional website. Choose a design from the available designs of Jimdo, upload the images, edit the text and within a few clicks a gorgeous website will be online.

9. Bluefish Editor 
Bluefish Editor is a powerful editor that are designed for web designers and programmers to enhance the quality of their websites and blogs. The options available in Bluefish Editor among a lot of options are websites editing, scripts and programming code. Moreover, it also supports various other programming languages and markup languages. Bluefish Editor is a mufti-platform text and web builder that is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS.

10. Webs 
Webs is a free web developing & hosting platform where the user can develop their own website for free. A lot of designing tools and templates are available at Webs that lets the users to develop and design their websites as they want. Webs is an easy to use and interactive web builder that requires no prior coding and technical knowledge requirement.

Here in this post more such web builder application listed; check them out too. And which application is your favorite don't forget to mention :)

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