7 Best Digital Recruiting Software

7 Best Digital Recruiting Software
Digital Recruiting mostly happens now days in online shopping, digital media marketing, customer service management systems. With Digital Recruiting Software you can conduct interviews over internet and saving their time that otherwise would lost in conducting face to face interviews. There are a lots of Digital Recruiting Software you can find on web; but which one you should use; Here we providing a list for you read on:


7 Best Digital Recruiting Software

1. RIVS 
RIVS is the best software for digital interviews and video interviews. It allows the interviewers to conduct per-recorded written, voice, and video interviews and let applicants take interviews when they get home from work. RIVS can record, rate live video, phone, and in person interviews. Easily share the best applicants with hiring managers. RIVS also eliminates phone tag and let applicants schedule themselves.

2. Interview Stream 
Interview Stream is a digital interviewing software that is being used by agency recruiters, employers, agencies, educational services and training pros. Interview Stream screens more candidates is less time to gain a competitive advantage and Increase size and quality of your candidate pool for more efficient hiring. Prepare job-seekers and share their video with future employers.

3. Talent Box
Talent Box is a video interviewing platform that enhance the recruiting experience of both companies and candidates. Talent Box will improve your recruiting efficiency. This digital video platform enables to you to understand candidates better than simply reading a pile of resume and cover letters. Invite colleagues to rate and review candidate responses to ensure your hiring the best person for the job and the team.

4. Spark Hire 
Spark Hire is an easy to use job interviewing software. Use Spark Hire & streamline your interviewing by enabling candidates to answer your interview questions on their own time. It is convenient for them and incredibly insightful for you.  It is one of the best cloud based digital video interviewing platform for every size of organization.

5. Vacancy Filler 
Vacancy Filler is a recruitment software it is web based software designed to help in-house recruiters take control of their hiring process via using a powerful simple and cloud based system of Vacancy Filler. The features of Vacancy Filler includes: attract top talent, improve candidate journey, improve time to hire, reduce cost of hire, boost employer brand and a full time support that made recruitment easy.

6. Vidcruiter
Vidcruiter is a Digital, Mobile and Video Recruiting The Only Video Recruiting Software with Completely Customize the Workflow. Video recruiting and the online interviewing platform powered by VidCruiter are improving the way companies recruit talent. The recruiting solutions on this website deliver substantial results for your recruiting department, with guaranteed ROI, faster hiring times, and better quality finalists.

7. Recruitby
Recruitby is a web based interviewing and digital screening tool that makes recruiting simple, cheaper, more effective and faster. Via this platform you can select the right candidate for your organization. It is the platform that enables you to meet the most suitable candidates and find the best cultural fit. Provide a greater number of candidates the possibility to get interviewed.

So what you think about this list don't forget to mention :)

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