5 Best Travel Management Software

5 Best Travel Management Software
Travel management software helps the travel agent & agencies to maintain their traveling records. These software generally provides the services of consulting services, travel auditing, account management, Google map, entering the passenger names, flight numbers, airlines, class, reservation, operation, excursions and invoicing, etc. Here in this post Top 5 Best Travel Management Software listed; Read on:

5 Best Travel Management Software

1. Global Point 
Global Point Travel Solutions is a travel management platform for managing business travel. It is the combination of specialized services that are based on advanced technology and other user friendly tools that includes: professional consulting services, travel auditing, account management, booking builder for web fare search tool, client base plus for customer database application, global travel reporting and bench marking system, online travel management reporting tool, multi-module quality control application, etc.

OTRAMS travel management system will totally reshape your travel business work either you are running small traveling agency or big one. The scalable and robust features of OTRAMS travel management will enable you scale up and automate your business according to your requirements. It is simple, secure and heavily customizable. Other features of OTRAMS includes: B2B/B2C ready engine, client retention and growth tools, asynchronous search on suppliers for a faster search, Google map and street view, etc.

3. Travel Agency Tools 
Travel Agency Tools is a web based service to quickly transform the passenger name record itineraries into simple to read tables and ready to paste into emails or other software. Use Travel Agency Tools and manage your whole traveling agency. It is based on the standard of International Air Transport Association. Features includes: entering the passenger names, flight number, airlines, class, and inclusion of simple copy paste method. It is browser based application and available in many languages.

4. Tour Writer 
Tour Writer will help you in managing your travel business. This travel software enables the travel staff to be efficient and productive by easily managing supplier data and producing image rich publishing documents. This software will allow you to reduce overhead costs, streamline the itinerary quoting software, respond to inquiries faster, offer professional document creation, see the key business metrics at the click of a button, and be more productive and more profitable.

5. Sejour Incoming Agency 
Sejour Incoming Agency Software is an all-in-one program offering straight, creative and economical solutions to travel agencies in the tourism industry. Main features of this Software includes: contract, reservation, operation, excursions and invoicing that give every department the opportunity to track their workflow easily on daily based by minimizing the operational circulation. This diminishes the operational workload by maintaining the efficiency as well.

So which one you gonna choose don't forget to mention :)

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