5 Best Alternatives to FeedBurner

5 Best Alternatives to FeedBurner
FeedBurner is a web feed management provider.  FeedBurner provides custom RSS feeds and management tools to bloggers, podcasters, and other web-based content publishers. Here below 8 Best Alternatives to FeedBurner service written. Read on:

5 Best Alternatives to FeedBurner

1. FeedBlitz 
FeedBlitz is a mega-pack solution for social media marketing and RSS feed and subscriber integration. Its features make it rightful to be the top best alternative to Feedburner. Reach your readers anytime if they have enabled email subscriptions, social media updated and RSS feed tracking. Moreover, if you were previously using FeedBurner than you can easily and safely switch to the reliable, actual and better capabilities service of FeedBlitz.

2. FeedCat 
FeedCat is a free to use feed boosting service that provides public catalog of feeds like RSS and ATOM. First benefit of this tool is that you can placed feed button anywhere on the website and the readers who are currently viewing your site can be monitored through the button. This button is also show the unique readers per last week. It is easier to read and user friendly.

3. FeedPress 
FeedPress is built-in with lot of features; Being a FeedPress member, you will be able to get 24/7 best support emails. FeedPress is an advanced tracking tools that offers you to know who listened to your podcasts, downloaded your videos and clicked your feed. Moreover, there is wide range of features such as subscribers analytics & counters, feed refresh, display tracking, newsletter subscribers imports/exports and many more are included in FeedPress.

4. RapidFeeds 
RapidFeeds is RSS manager where you can easily create the RSS feed, can edit RSS feeds, can manage and publish RSS feeds. You also can add podcasts to your RSS feeds and power them with the support of iTunes. Statistic feature of RapidFeeds is also outclass that allows monitor the viewers according to day rise, monthly stats, geographical distribution and many more details.

5. Feedity 
Feedity is a service which will turn your websites into instant notifications. You can create feed for any webpage and can publish and follow the updates as well. Apart from providing basic services it offers several useful tools and tips for feed subscribers and publishers for example, an integrated feed reader, display widget, bookmarklet, autodiscovery, API access and many more. Display it in mobile apps and deliver podcasts to iTunes as well.

So which one you are going to use don't forget to mention :)

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