20 Best Social Media Management Applications

20 Best Social Media Management Applications
Do you want to efficiently manage incoming online interactions along with small business marketing tasks, automate the process of delivering outgoing business messages through different social media outlets, most of all let the business people know what majority of people are asking about their business. Then you should try Social media management applications.These are some application to make social media management and monitoring an easy task for you, and you can select from some well known desktop application and mobile apps designed to organize multiple platforms and information sharing across different networks. These platforms provides the users with the system of connecting all of their social media accounts regardless of the number of account for each social media channel with a centralized platform and enjoy the features of enjoying the all from a single platform. These apps also can even schedule their posts for the all of their social media accounts simultaneously as well. Here top 20 Best Social Media Management Applications listed. Read on:

20 Best Social Media Management Applications

1. HootSuite 
HootSuite is the one of the most leading social management tool that enables the users to connect with over 35 social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. The technical features of HootSuite revolve around engagement, listening, analytic, collaboration, security, and applications. The analytical tools of HootSuite enables the social media managers and experts in getting all detail of their social media campaigns and more stuffs.

2. Sprout Social 
Sprout Social is a social media management platform that manages the multiple accounts of the same social media networks or the various accounts of the multiple social media platform. With the increase in trend of the social media market, most of the advertisers and brands have been continuously shifting over these platforms to get the best possible output from their campaign and advertisement.

3. Reachpod 
Reachpod is a social media management dashboard that integrates all of the accounts at a central platform and making the collaboration among all of the accounts. After collaborating the all social media accounts, the users can then enjoy the features of exploring the hot topics, and followers, can publish the post on all social media platforms collectively and can monitor the performance of the digital advertisement and marketing as well.

4. Buffer 
Buffer is a software application; it developed to manage social networks and provides users a platform to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This app is useful for businesses and corporations as they have to use multiple social media accounts. Most of the social management services pay concentration on the availability of social accounts while Buffer offers the team members who can use Buffer account in addition to the maintain.

5. Spotistic 
Spotistic is a multipage posting service for the most of the social media accounts including Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. Spotistic basically allow the users to get their same message and post publish on all these accounts collectively instead of publishing them from each and every account. This saves the time of the user and enhance the performance as well. There is also a comprehensive system for tracking the performance of social media marketing campaign.

6. Viralheat
Viralheat is a multi-functional social media marketing, analytic and account management platform to view the real-time report over the return of investment. ViralHeat is an enterprise social media marketing and analytic tool that measures the social ROI, identify leads, and integrate into existing marketing tools with unique marketing suite. ViralHeat is a social media management, social media marketing, analysis, publishing and engagement tool.

7. Social Oomph 
Social Oomph is a tool to boost all types of social media productivity. Using this service, you can manage the profiles, pages, groups, company pages, blogs and RSS feeds of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn account. If you will use this as a free user than multiple features like schedule tweets, track keywords, save and reuse drafts, secure Twitter access, up to five Twitter accounts and visiting of predefined channels will be easier.

8. SocialPilot 
SocialPilot is a social media scheduling and management platform for the online sellers, marketers and agencies. The social media platforms being supported by the SocialPilot is scheduling include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vk.com and Xing. SocialPilot is a way to increase the efficiency of online marketing and save the time. SocialPilot provide the assistance in social media marketing in shape of ecommerce store integration, custom Facebook.

9. Postfity 
Postfity is a platform for scheduling the social media posts. Currently, Postfity is offering the combined support for the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. All the accounts and profiles and even the multiple accounts of the single platform can be simultaneously access from the Postfity. Postfity allows the social media managers to enjoy the features of managing social media networks, schedule messages and, in the end, engage all the time.

10. Sendible 
Sendible is a social media management platform to staying organize with the social media accounts. The user of Sendible can measure and monitor the reputation of their brand across multiple social media channels at once. With the usage of one social management dashboard you can update your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Blog sites simultaneously. Either you want to manage photos or videos or wants to customize your posts.

11. Socialdraft 
Socialdraft is highly customized platform to manage all social media accounts from a single place. It is basically a social media management and calendar platform. It provides a customized solution to manage the entire social media. The core features of Socialdraft are social media marketing, team collaboration, social feed, alerts, custom URL shortener, CSV posting, social media drag & drop posting calendar, smart ID, projects, and many more.

12. Sprinklr 
Sprinklr is a social media management and analytic tool that enables the users to automate their social media platforms. For those business, who wants to enhance their social media presence are advised to use Sprinklr and compare their brand with other brands and social media channels. Marketing, customer care, sales, recruiting, public relations, market research, compliance, publishing, engagement, listening, advertising, advocacy, and analytic etc.

13. Stacker 
Stacker is a social media management platform that enables the users to publish and respond on social media from a single platform of Stacker. The awesome features of Stacker are universal inbox, auto scheduling, multiple social accounts, insightful reports, web-browser sharing extension, support for mobile & integration, work with a team, sharing of Photo Albums to Facebook, timezone scheduling, TweetDeck integration, and many more.

14. Social Scheduler 
Social Scheduler is a social media posts and messages scheduling platform that allow the users to schedule the post to their social media accounts and get published at the scheduled time. Social Scheduler make it easy for the users to enhance the engagement with the visitors and followers in order to get the best outcome from the investment.

15. GoCinchy 
GoCinchy social media and content marketing platform for the small and medium size business. GoCinchy Social is the best way to simply get the real return on the investment by managing all of the social media accounts and platforms for the GoCinchy Social. However, in order to avail the features of accessing all accounts from a single platform of the GoCinchy Social pro.

16. Oktopost 
Oktopost is a one stop business to business and social media management platform that features the basic social media management services of publishing posts and social messages across the multiple social media accounts. Oktopost is way to easily and effectively handle, measure and amplify all of their social media marketing. Oktopost assist the users in managing content and measures the real value of the business by controlling the social media marketing.

17. Falcon Social 
Falcon Social is a social media and marketing management application that is based on the tools of engagement, publishing, and report generating. Falcon Social provides the users with those management tools by using which the users can control the multiple social media accounts from a single platform. The three main areas of services of Falcon Social are social media management, social media marketing, and social customer service.

18. Send Social Media 
Send Social Media is a social media management dashboard; it is designed with the purpose of providing the users with a system of managing their multiple social networks. Managing multiple social networks means scheduling and publishing the posts at once on multiple social media channels. Send Social Media is providing its multimedia management system and marketing tools for almost 30 plus networks that can be simply manage from the Send Social Media .

19. MavSocial 
MavSocial organizing social media activities and providing the visual content to the major social media channels at once. The powerful and simple publishing and content marketing system of MavSocial provide the all-in-one integrated social media solution. MavSocial is a way to easily manage the most of the social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even YouTube.

20. TweetDeck
TweetDeck is a social media management platform for only for Twitter accounts. TweetDeck is suitable for those who wants to maintain the multiple Twitter accounts from a centralized platform. These users must use the TweetDeck as it will let them to manage the multiple accounts of the Twitter at once by simply using the TweetDeck. This powerful Twitter management tool used for real-time tracking, organizing, and engagement.

So which one is your favorite service don't forget to mention :)

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