How to Optimize Website to Load Faster

How to Optimize Website to Load Faster
In the matter of visiting a website or blogsite nobody likes a tortoise, everybody likes rabbit. A slow loading website bothers everyone and you will lose your visitor for forever, even if there you putted a lots of good content. Again a fast loading website is a great factor for having more visitors and pageviews, friendlier to SEO (Google likes and recommends Speed). Overall making a good impression about your content to visitor you have to make your website load faster.Optimizing and taking care of some fact is enough to make a website load faster. Things focused on here are using good host, removing unnecessary code, scripts even widget, gadgets, optimizing for image, fast caching. Also if you using wordpress how to optimize wordpress website to load faster explained here. Keep on reading the minimax explanation-

How to Optimize Website to Load Faster


Optimizing Codes


Compress CSSOptimizing CSS codes of your website’s is important. Unnecessary CSS code makes site sloth. So remove unnecessary CSS codes from your stylesheets (like unused and unnecessary white spaces, character spaces, newlines, tabs, callout boxes, buttons). Compressing CSS also will make your website Google bots crawling friendly. You may use CSS compressing tools like this

Compress JavaScript
Compacting JavaScript code can save many bytes of data and speed up downloading your webpage to web browser, parsing, and execution time. Removing unnecessary JavaScript codes from your website make your website load faster and render faster. For compress your JavaScript code you can use this tool

Compress HTML
Minify HTML code can save many bytes of data and speed up webpage loading. Safely reduce the size of your HTML code can make your website load faster plus it will reduce mobile transfer cost and optimize storage on embed systems. Way too using HTML also sloth the page loading and non SEO friendly. To compress your HTML’s from website you can use this tool

Optimizing stylesheet
The standard rule and regulation of W3 HTML specification is your websites stylesheets should be put in <head> section what allows a webpage to render fast and progressively. Plus not to use render blocking JavaScript and CSS above the fold content these render blocking codes make webpage loading slower. If your website have render blocking JavaScript and CSS try to use alter or asynchronously version of those codes

Scripts in bottom
Put your not very important javascripts in the bottom of body before the closing </head>. So when you site got loaded after non important functions will get load.

For Wordpress Compressing codes to website load faster
You can use for wordpress best compressing and minifying code plugin Wp minify it will minify all extended unused codes for you.


Basic optimization's


Using good host and DNS system
Reduce server response time and HTTP request, DNS lookup overall DNS server response time is a fact to load website faster. You will need very good server response, Mysql database and other database and DNS server response quickly. Using good proper host is the solution plus Avoiding unwanted URL redirection, URL masking, URL forwarding too

Optimize website's HTTP request
When a visitor visit your website, visitor's web browser fetch data (like CSS files, JavaScript libraries, images) when web browser fetch data it makes HTTP request to your web server. Limit the number of file to be displayed in browser that's will reduce HTTP request time. Check your HTTP requests at Pingdom

Dealing with fetching contents
Dealing with those contents what your webpage will fetch from other server or source. Like Advertising Banner, sponsor images, YouTube or other video site’s video playing on your website these stuffs slow down your page loading speed. Consider not to using much much ads on website

Optimize images
If your website is not about photography or infograph consider to using image size of 600px, 300px, 125px and JPG or JEPG format under less than 300 kb. Also using Lossless compressed images in post or webpage can save many bytes and seconds. To compress images you can use this tool or Dynamic drive

Data URL is also helpful to optimizing images, this process turns images into URL/Code, and loads extremely faster, offline usable and don't create HTTP request on server, Use this tool for creating Data URL version of your images Dopiaza

Leverage browser Caching
Cache for website means create static HTML file from dynamic website. When a webpage opens the page renders, gets data from databases, usages ram-cpu then it visible on web browser, So every time you open then page it do waste time same. Again when a webpage cached it don’t take much longer to load time saves. Set an expiry date or maximum age in the HTTp headers for static instructs for web browser to load previously downloaded files from local disk rather than the network (like in webpage code’s Last-Modified or Etag or cache-control or max-age tag using at style sheet-

<IfModule mod_expires.c>
    ExpiresActive On
    ExpiresByType text/html Mtime
    ExpiresByType text/css Mtime
    ExpiresByType application/javascript Mtime
    ExpiresByType image/gif Mtime
    ExpiresByType image/icon Mtime
    ExpiresByType image/jpeg Mtime

and also notify it on .htaccess file with-

location ~* \.(jpg|png|gif|jpeg|css|js)$ {
        expires 1h;

For Wordpress websites plugins like Comet Cache, Wp super cache using is extremely recommended for better and auto caching.

Using CDN
CDN means Content delivery network, CDN is a process to distribute content (Text, Graphic, Media, Codes, downloadable content) from a lot of CDN dedicated server to your website. Everybody use it because it has faster content delivery system process than own hosting server response, default caching and more safety form hack. Free CDN service is Cloudflare paid best CDN service is Maxcdn

If you use Wordpress
There’s a lot of plugins what slows wordpress powered websites. Like floating share bar-icons, rating widgets etc. Deactivate those or control plugins loading time and make website free. Use valid and fast loading framework and themes like Diythemes, Studiopress, Woothemes can boost speed of wordpress powered websites.


Other optimizations you may do


Enable Gzip compression
Gzip compression reduce the size of files what sent from your web server to increase the speed to which they are transferred to visitor's web browser or Compress your files when they are at server. Editing you .htaccess can solve this problem like-

 #Begin gzip and deflate
<IfModule mod_deflate.c>
    AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html text/css application/x-javascript text/plain text/xml image/icon

A lot of websites uses Google web fonts and less known font to customize website, recommended is to use default web fonts like Ariel, Times new roman. Plus this is not so important.

Video's optimizing
Video thumbnails, widget area video streaming take a while to load, if your site is not about video streaming, video optimizing can save you time to load.

Widgets, gadgets control
Widgets/gadgets makes site beautiful that’s alright but slow down site loading speed. You can delete Un-useful but fancy widgets/gadgets.

Before 5-10 second if your website gets loaded completely, then your website is fast enough. But If your site doesn't get loaded before 5-10 second you need to optimize heavily. Hope if you use these tips to optimize your website to load faster, you website will be get loaded before typing address in address bar :) How these tips working for you don't forget to mention. Goodluck....

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