What is HTML5? How to make a website using HTML5? free eBook pdf

What is HTML5? How to make a website using HTML5? free eBook pdf download
(HTML5 Basic to Advance) is a eBook written for beginner and this book will help you to know about basic HTML5 elements and how to build a website with HTML5 very easily. The Subjects this eBook contains is written below:

  • What is HTML5 
  • HTML5 features
  • Compatibility of Web browsers
HTML5 basic element's explanation

  • HTML5 Syntax
  • HTML5 doctype sample
  • HTML5 Meta charset tag sample
  • Tag improvement
  • HTML5 Structural Elements
  • Standard Attributes
Tutorial: Building a website using HTML5
  • HTML5 structured website
  • Building a website/template using HTML5
  • Download HTML files link

Whole tutorial written with handy notes and points explained every thing step by step, and of course anyone can understand. This eBook is free to download just click on link. (Dropbox)
(HTML5 Basic to Advance) is licensed under Creative commons with this license things you are allowed to do is read and use this eBook's information, codes for personal use (like-Testing your skill), you are also allowed to use any of codes to build your own website/project, Things you are not allowed to do is Sell this eBook, Changing copyright information, Giving it away by a website or sending/keeping it to any mirror server for download (like-free eBooks download stores) (but sharing is allowed).

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