Top 10 best Academic Search Engine to use

Top 10 best Academic Search Engine to use
Academic setting for finding and accessing articles in academic journals, institutional repositories, archives, or other collections of scientific and other articles. Databases and search engines differ substantially in terms of coverage and retrieval qualities. Users need to account for qualities and limitations of databases and search engines, especially those searching systematically for records such as in systematic reviews or meta-analyses. As the distinction between a database and a search engine is unclear for these complex document retrieval systems, the general list of search engines for all-purpose search engines that can be used for academic purposes and the article about bibliographic databases for information about databases giving bibliographic information about finding books and journal articles. Here top 10 best academic search engines are listed; read on:

Top 10 best Academic Search Engine to use

1. Google Scholar 
2. Google Books
Google Books is a search engine developed under Google Inc. that allows you to search the full text of books and magazines scanned by Google. The platform brings relevant information according to your need and has an optical character recognition, and all the stuff is stored in the digital databases. You can search the titles, authors, ISBN, or keywords in the bar, and you have filters as well to do an advance search and can download, cite, link, or translate. Google Books has a library where you can access our recent content history on Google play, purchased ones, favorite books, reviewed, and the reading one. The platform is the most comprehensive index of full-text publications, and you have an option to browse the most significant bookstore and start reading on any device.

3. Semantic Scholar
Semantic Scholar is a best in class free, AI-powered tool that allows you to get access to the scientific literature. The software adds more value to the research by finding all the relevant information about your subjects. The powerful search engine is doing things for you with results that are not duplicated, and each search results are from an authentic source. All the recent publications, scholarly articles, data analytics, and more can be found easily. The platform aimed to accelerate the findings that make scholars delighted with the right research, make essential connections, and overcome the information overload. Semantic Scholar allows you to instantly scan the analysis with the automated extraction of abstract, figures, tables, and citations. Moreover, you can view related GitHub repositories, presentation videos, clinical data trial, and other alternative content to reproduce the research and put right in the context.

4. Sparrho
Sparrho is an intelligent platform that comes with a unique strategy to combine human and artificial intelligence to help professional researchers to get access to new scientific publications. It brings more agility to the research by finding the relevant information to get the project done more reliably. The search engine proved to be very best to discover thousands of articles in any science topic that you need just by using the keyword. The platform lets you identify experts to get access to the latest collection of research curated by them. If you have a business, then you have a chance to specify your brand with the scientific evidence, to engage customers with abundant content streams, and showcase the research impact to stakeholders of all levels. As a scientist, you can make a global reputation as a subject expert, and you have personalized alerts every time a new paper gets out via using Sparrho.

5. Scopus 
Scopus is an authentic platform where you can find the database about citation, curated abstract with all information, and linked content more comprehensively. The platform is making your research count with the relevant data based on your research subject, and here you can identify experts and access the metrics that you need the most. One subscription at a time can take you to access all the databases in one place. The platform also provides analytics tools for the confident approach towards your research that permits you to make a strategic decision. Scopus aimed to serve researchers, students, administrators, students, and many others with the information they need to accomplish their tasks across the entire community. Scopus has delighted the industry researchers with the identification of crucial contributors, track market innovation, and develop competitive benchmarking.
6. Scinapse
Scinapse is an all in one academic search engine for a paper that provides relevant information about the content that you are looking for. The software adds more to your research with more informative journals, articles, and publications. The algorithm provided by Scinpse is designed to give the best results out of your search based on published data, citations, publisher, and many more with support for Google-like semantic search. You have a simple search option based on keywords, and all the data you want is in the same place instantly. Scinapse is all about discovery, resource, and user data management customized for the academic work of your institution. You can save your screen and search time with an intuitive interface that provides everything to your paper.

7. Microsoft Academic 
Microsoft Academic is a web search engine for the public that is used for academic literature and publications. The platform is based on semantic search technologies and features a new data structure entirely. You can easily search authors, topics, journals, and a combination of these from the search bar. Microsoft Academic helps you to find the relevant content based on your project, either machine learning, psychology, media studies, management service, and more to add. There are thousands of journals, Authors, topics, conferences, and institutions to find authentic material for your research. Microsoft Academic brings innovative results via expanding keyword searches, abstract search, phrase support, and more. The platform provides you publications by researchers affiliated with Microsoft, and multiple queries are available that allow you to understand the semantic search.

8. Biohunter 
Biohunter is a reliable platform that brings relevant articles, data statistics, sorting, journal suggestion for the public, and all the things that made your research more compact. The platform provides easy access to unlimited full-text articles that can be easily downloaded to your desktop or mobile. You can find data statistics that are just best for the prediction that you can see based on publishers, category, count, and histogram. There are multiple existing web tools available to help users quickly retrieve research articles. All the content you will find will be authentic, analytics-based, and usable for better search. You have the facility to access the experts relevant to the subject of your research that adds more to it. Biohunter helps you to find the right journal for your publications based on query terms and all the data you find relevant to research can be downloaded.

9. WorldWideScience
WorldWideScience is an all in one global science gateway service that is accelerating the scientific discovery and progress with databases and portals. The platform is easing the way for students and researchers to bring authentic content for their use so they can make the right approach towards their project. There is also an advance search option as well to extract the most relevant material out of the given information or data. You can check the country which is participating in the databases or not with the help of a site map. It is featuring multi-language search support that permits the real-time searching and translation of globally spread multilingual scientific literature. All the information is accessed through a multilateral partnership that enables federated searching, either national or international scientific databases.

10. Lexis Web
Lexis Web is a reputable platform that provides you with powerful navigation tools that assist you in searching the authentic resources on the Web. The platform gives you a rich experience for the legal search session on the Web. The web platform is combining unmatched legal and business information with advanced analytics and technology to bring more ways to the customer’s work and solutions to get possible results. The platform is integrating with many associations, allows customers to collect information about the criminals, and there are tools as well to combat human trafficking. Lexis Web is delivering tools to customers that permit them to make more informed decisions and streamline their workflow with machine learning, language processing, artificial intelligence, and data visualization. The software aimed to enhance the decision-making capabilities to customers that will improve outcomes and productivity required.

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