10 Best Marketing Analytics Software to use

10 Best Marketing Analytics Software to use
Marketing analytics software encompasses tools and processes which enable an organization to manage, evaluate, and control its marketing efforts by measuring marketing performance. In short, these solutions simplify and optimize a business’ marketing strategies and activities. With the use of marketing analytics software, businesses are able to improve their return on investment (ROI) by identifying effective marketing methods and adjusting campaigns to maximize conversions and sales.  

Marketing analytics considers marketing efforts across all channels and audiences, including email marketing, social media, digital advertising, and web analytics. Marketing analytics software is usually offered as a standalone solution; these products source campaign data through integrations with a company’s marketing technology stack, including marketing automation software, CRM software, digital advertising software, and digital analytics software. 

However, many all-in-one marketing platforms, such as marketing automation products, include built-in reporting features.  Marketing analytics solutions source data from marketing tools and their core functionality is to analyze marketing campaign-oriented information. Some companies opt to use analytics platforms or embedded business intelligence software instead, which can also provide insights into company data from a variety of other sources in addition to marketing data. Here some of the best Marketing analytics software listed; read on:

10 Best Marketing Analytics Software

1. Insider                                                                                                                                              Insider Growth Management Platform (GMP) helps digital marketers drive growth across the funnel, from Acquisition to Activation, Retention, and Revenue. Leveraging real-time predictive segmentation powered by deep Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, GMP empowers marketers to deliver personalized journeys across web, mobile web, mobile apps, and ad channels. Built on a unified data layer, GMP is easy to implement and simple to use, avoiding the need for complex integrations and dependency on IT teams. Insider simplifies the life of digital marketers and helps them drive growth for their brands, with zero marketing waste. 

2. OWOX BI                                                                                                                                                 OWOX BI is all-in-one marketing analytics service that merges data from disparate systems, evaluates the performance of advertising campaigns and quickly builds the reports you need. Data collection you'll be able to create data streams from your advertising services to Google Analytics once and never manually upload data again. It will automatically upload costs, impressions, and clicks for all campaigns to Google Analytics and you’ll get reports on all campaigns in the familiar Google Analytics interface. Automated actionable reporting OWOX BI combines data from your site, advertising services, and CRM so you can build reports without developers and without knowledge of SQL or use out-of-the-box templates from OWOX BI. OWOX BI helps find insights to attract customers, increase advertising efficiency, and reduce costs.

3. Mailchimp                                                                                                                                                Mailchimp’s all-in-one Marketing Platform helps small businesses market smarter so you can grow faster. As the backbone for your customer relationships, they provide AI-powered, user-friendly tools anyone can use to be successful. Mailchimp puts your audience at the center so you can send marketing emails and automated messages, create targeted ad campaigns, build landing pages, send postcards, facilitate reporting and analytics, and sell online. Millions of businesses and individuals from community organizations to Fortune 100 companies trust Mailchimp to connect with their audience with the right message, at the right time, in the right place. 

4. SharpSpring                                                                                                                             SharpSpring is a comprehensive marketing automation platform with robust features, functionality and performance. SharpSpring is one of the most flexible platforms on the market, offering powerful, behavior-based email marketing, native or 3rd party CRM integration, dynamic forms, landing page and blog builders, social media management, universal CMS compatibility, and integration with hundreds of applications. SharpSpring is usually less than 1/3 the cost of the competition, is the easiest company to work with and the easiest platform to use. Marketing agencies should inquire about SharpSpring's special partner program. 

5. TapClicks                                                                                                                                    TapClicks delivers a complete digital marketing reporting and analytics platform built to answer the needs of digital agencies, media companies, and enterprises. The Suite provides a complete view of marketing activities empowering organizations to make insightful decisions. TapAnalytics marketing analytics and reporting dashboard is a cost-effective, cloud-based solution. TapAnalytics customers benefit from ease of use, scalability, and proven ROI. This unified reporting and analytics dashboard seamlessly connects to over 200 services. Bring your data to life with data visualization; interactive timelines, pie-charts, geo-mapping, text widgets. Send automated email reports in HTML, PDF, and Excel formats. 

6. CleverTap                                                                                                                                            CleverTap helps you retain your mobile users. It is a powerful mobile marketing solution that brings together user data with an omnichannel approach on a centralized platform. It is the most powerful, comprehensive and user-friendly solution to all your behavioural app analytics, user engagement and retention needs. With CleverTap you can Build an omnichannel customer experience that retains your users. Deliver incredible user experiences with hyper-personalized campaigns Create delightful & personalized omnichannel engagement campaigns.

7. Adverity                                                                                                                                            Adverity is an intelligent marketing analytics platform specialized in enabling data-driven marketing teams to make better decisions and improve performance, faster and easier. By transforming siloed data into actionable insight, reduces the complexity in demonstrating the return on investment of multichannel campaigns. Through automating data integration from hundreds of sources, our vendor-agnostic, end-to-end platform delivers a single view of marketing performance across your business. With the help of powerful data visualizations, Adverity reveals tangible business impact of marketing activities and improves performance by uncovering real-time opportunities to fuel growth with augmented analytics. Adverity is on a mission to empower teams to effortlessly utilize their data and turn it into powerful insights, decisions and actions. 

8. MoEngage                                                                                                                                    MoEngage is an intelligent customer engagement platform for the customer-obsessed marketer. Helps you delight your customers and retain them for longer. With MoEngage you can analyze customer behavior and engage them with personalized communication across the web, mobile, and email. It is a full-stack solution consisting of powerful customer analytics, AI-powered customer journey orchestration, and personalization capabilities in one dashboard. It helps businesses grow their customer lifetime value by engaging them throughout their lifecycle with personalized communication. Marketers and product owners can use MoEngage to maintain customer profiles, segment them into relevant groups, and then engage them with personalized campaigns across channels. 

9. SALESmanago                                                                                                                          SALESmanago is all-in-one, next generation AI powered marketing automation software allows you to deliver enhanced customer experience by aggregating all your individual customer data and deployment of cutting edge Machine Learning & AI Solutions. It identifies people visiting your website, analyzes their online behaviour and transactions, and delivers personalized, perfectly tailored offers during complete customer lifecycle in all marketing channels. This solutions cover all key challenges of modern eCommerce business like: increase of revenue and conversion of outbound and inbound activities, boosting overall marketing effectiveness, driving consistent omnichannel communication, purchase process optimization and managing complete customer lifecycle. 

10. WebEngage                                                                                                                              WebEngage is a customer data platform and marketing automation suite that makes user engagement and retention simplified and highly effective for consumer tech enterprises and SMBs. Thousands of product and marketing practitioners design intuitive user lifecycle journeys on the WebEngage dashboard to convert existing users through data-backed, timely campaigns across multiple channels. The platform offers: Engagement: Mobile Push Notifications Email SMS On-Site Messages Web Push notifications In-App Messages IVR WhatsApp Facebook Product Analytics: Segmentation Funnels Cohorts Uninstall Analytics Marketing Analytics: Revenue Analytics, Campaign Performance Analytics, Tag-based Analytics.

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