10 best Image to Pdf Scanning OCR app like CamScanner

10 best Image to Pdf Scanning OCR app like CamScanner
Optical character recognition or optical character reader (OCR) is the electronic or mechanical conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text, whether from a scanned document, a photo of a document, a scene-photo or from subtitle text superimposed on an image or Making scanned documents searchable by converting them to searchable PDFs. Now you can use your Android or IOS phone to convert images to text and save them as PDF files in instance. Here top 10 best Image to Pdf Scanning OCR app listed; read on:

10 best Image to Pdf Scanning OCR app like CamScanner

1. CamScanner 
If you are in a hurry to scan any document but don’t have a scanner then don’t worry CamScanner turns the camera of your smartphone into a scanner. After that, you just need to move the camera of the device from up to down to the document. In this process, CamScanner will scan the entire document and helps you do whatever you want. The scanned file can then be stored either as an image file or PDF file. The documents scanned through CamScanner can be shared through emails, fax, file transfer process, and can be even stored in the cloud storage. Cam Scanner app offers an intelligent solution for its users so that they can easily manage their documents from all of the devices. The smart scanning process of the CamScanner first starts from the capturing of information and then slightly moves to the process of storing, sharing, annotating, and managing the documents for multiple purposes. It makes it easy for users to access and organize the content easily.

2. Tiny Scanner 
3. Office Lens 
4. Faster Scan HD
5. TurboScan 
6. Genius Scan 
7. Open Note Scanner 
8. Document Scanner - Free Scan PDF & Image to Text
Document Scanner app is the best for scanning documents in high-quality PDF format and PNG output. Free scan pictures, written documents, and graphical material and printed documents. You can also add pictures and photos for scanning from the camera roll by Doc Scanner application. Quickly scan any kind of document in your office or homes like receipts, class notes, bills, book pages and anything within seconds. Now scanning documents is no more difficult for you just install and file scan. Pdf scanner application is necessary for every person if you are a school student, college student, university student, business person or any other person. It is a very simple and fastest app to scan photo in high quality and instantly convert into PDF, PNG and JPEG format so you can share scan documents, notes, magazines, articles and any kind of paper that you want. This free scanner app makes your office work smarter.
9. Scanbot
Scanbot is a multifunctional and multipurpose document scanning app for all types of smartphone devices. For its simplicity and ease of usage, it is one of the best document scanning apps that is used for converting simple hard format documents into scanned PDF files. With the usage of this app, you can easily generate high quality scanned PDF documents. The best thing about Scanbot app is that it puts no limitation on the number of documents that you want to scan using it. You can scan as many documents as you want within a few seconds only. Scanbot is not only used to scan documents only because it can also be used for scanning almost everything like sketchbooks, QR codes, receipts, whiteboards, and barcodes. It gives users the option to select from four different color modes so that they can get the perfect scanning result. Scanbot app has now launched another service for auto uploading and instant sharing of scanned results. Users can save documents in both images and PDF files.
Clear Scanner is a free scanner for both iOS and Android smartphone users. Having Clear Scanner installed in the smartphone means having the availability of a mini and portable scanner in the pocket. Clear Scanner is although a simple yet highly professional and powerful app for creating high-quality images as a result of scanned images. It lets its users scan any type of document within few seconds only instantly. Clear Scanner puts no limitations at all on the number of documents for scanning. It is exceptional for users who have to deal with the scanning of docs all the time, and for that purpose, they either pay the price for using scanners. Once you start using this app, you will realize that there is no need for any scanner at all, as this app will perform all scanning functions. The key features of this app include automatic document edge detection system, perspective correction system, highly fast processing system, flexible editing, organization of documents, setting page size, printing PDF files, storing documents into cloud storage.

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