10 Best Content curation software to use

10 Best Content curation software to use
Content curation software helps businesses discover content from third-party sources and share it with their own audiences for marketing purposes. Curated content can include written content, such as news articles, blog posts, and social media messages, as well as visual content, such as infographics, videos. Marketing teams use content curation software to engage their audiences, attract prospective customers, build credibility, and demonstrate thought leadership. Here best Content curation platforms are listed; read on:

10 Best Content curation software to use

1. ContentStudio                                                                                                                                           ContentStudio gives you the ability to discover topic-relevant content filtered by social shares, different media types and virality. Select posts individually from your topic feeds or setup an automation campaign with your own rules to publish content automatically to your selected channels. Discovery, Find, analyze and share top performing content for any topic or industry. Plan and collaborate with your teams on an intuitive editorial calendar. Schedule content to all of your channels and networks from a single place. Analytics, Track KPIs and measure performance across all the channels.

2. UpContent                                                                                                                                              UpContent technology helps reduce the amount of time spent searching for content by 65% on average and is available both as a standalone application as well as a premier Hootsuite Content Source and Stream. Build trust and deepen relationships with curated content. A better way to discover, collaborate, and distribute relevant third-party content that helps turn leads into loyal customers. It's suggestions are used by marketers worldwide to power their social media, email marketing, and website conversion efforts as well as support their original content creation. The technology offers an array of plans that are designed to offer only the features needed at a price-point that fits your budget.

3. AdvisorStream                                                                                                                                         AdvisorStream is the only marketing platform fully partnered with the world's most credible and trusted publishers. The award-winning service helps financial advisors engage their clients and win prospects through timely, personalized, and compliant investor communications. An omni-channel marketing service, AdvisorStream delivers the highest-quality and up-to-date article, commentary, video and infographic content through newsletters, social media, emails, websites, and client portals. Every year, AdvisorStream delivers hundreds of millions of communications materials on behalf of its vast network of financial advisors. 

4. Cronycle                                                                                                                                             Cronycle is an all in one tool for content curation, content collaboration and content distribution and sharing. Content discovery is made easy with recommended sources like related topics, RSS and Experts on Twitter. To dig deeper, the above sources combined into feed can be optimized using advanced keyword filters to bring out content specifically useful for you. They can also push the same items to websites via our WordPress plugin or RSS. Cronycle workspace covers the entire journey with research, curation, validation, collaborate and pushing to social media, newsletters. The gains in terms of efficiency in any content marketing, content research, market research, learning management activities save days worth of efforts. 

5. Curata                                                                                                                                                 Curata provides two software solutions: Curata CMP (Content Marketing Platform) and Curata CCS (Content Curation Software). Curata CMP includes strategy, production and analytics modules that enables you to: Analyze marketing and sales pipeline impact Streamline your content production process Build a predictable content supply chain With Curata CCS, you can tap into the power of curated content in addition to creating original content to boost lead generation, be a thought leader and publish consistently. Curata CCS enables you to: Discover the best content with our self-learning engine Easily organize and contextualize with just a few clicks Publish and promote your content anytime and anywhere. 

6. Drumup                                                                                                                                         Drumup is an end to end social media content scheduling and discovery app, and can cut down your social media management effort by up to 90% (works with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). It discovers relevant and engaging stories of interest to your social media audience from around the web, that you can schedule for multiple social media accounts. You can also add custom posts to your content queue for publishing. DrumUp also allows you to link your blog feed on your social accounts. In addition to these features, DrumUp offers a content library, hashtag suggestions, and an employee advocacy program.

7. Quuu                                                                                                                                                         Quuu is the number one source for quality content and the only place where each and every piece has been hand-reviewed in house. Content curation makes you stand out from the masses on social media. It’s a way of providing value and consistency to your followers. However, doing it properly is a time-consuming process, so automating this using Quuu gives you back that precious time to work on your business. Quuu is the only tool that hand-curates content in over 500 interest categories, meaning you'll always have relevant posts to share with your audience on social media. 

8. Scoop.it                                                                                                                                           Scoop.it Content Enterprise also helps to share content within organizations in an impacting way. This solution allows to show expertise and generate traffic through integrated social sharing. Since the launch of the service in 2011, 4 million users have published tens of millions of pieces of content to attract hundreds of millions of readers every year. provides the software and technology to make content publishing much more time-efficient and impacting for marketing and knowledge sharing within the enterprise. Scoop it Enterprise is used by thousands of businesses to manage content curation for content marketing.

9. NewsCred                                                                                                                                     NewsCred’s software empowers teams to flawlessly orchestrate marketing at enterprise scale across teams, content, channels, technology and data  enabling them to execute faster, achieve more, and demonstrate results unleashes the potential of marketing teams by transforming how they work. Purpose-built for marketers. Founded in 2008, NewsCred has partnered with hundreds of the world’s best marketing organizations to provide unprecedented control and visibility, improve operational efficiency, and elevate the impact of marketing.  

10. Sniply                                                                                                                                                       Sniply is a simple tool that allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any piece of content, creating an opportunity for you to include a call-to-action with every link you share. People use Sniply to drive conversions from every piece of content they share. You can drive traffic to your website, downloads of your app, registrations for your event, customers for your service. Sniply opens up a whole new layer of analytics that you can’t get anywhere else. Their analytics can track how many people click on your links, how long they spend on the pages you send them to, and lots more.

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