10 Best Data Management Platform (DMP) to use

10 Best Data Management Platform (DMP) to use
Data management platforms (DMPs) are central hubs that store and analyze all of a company’s customer, audience, and marketing data. DMPs help companies make best use of the massive amounts of data they collect by analyzing data from multiple sources and presenting it in easily digestible ways. DMPs are used by ad agencies, marketers, and publishers to create rich, custom data sets and more effectively target users for online advertising. DMPs pull in data from multiple sources, including first-party software such as CRM software, digital analytics software, and advertising technology like advertiser campaign management software and publisher ad management software products, and ad networks as well as third-party data providers. Here Top 10 Best Data Management Platform listed; read on:

10 Best Data Management Platform (DMP)

Oracle Data Cloud helps advertisers connect with the right customer, personalize every interaction, and measure the effectiveness of each engagement. Oracle Data Cloud combines the leading technologies and talent from Oracle's acquisitions of AddThis, BlueKai, Crosswise, Datalogix, Grapeshot, and Moat to help digital advertising companies drive better business outcomes across more than 100 countries. Oracle Data Cloud creates true cross-channel consumer understanding, so you know more about who your customers are, what they do, where they go, and what they buy.

2. Lotame
Lotame is the leading provider of data enrichment solutions for global enterprises. Its connected and patented data technologies, curated second- and third-party data exchanges, and high-touch customer service make us the trusted choice for marketers, agencies and media companies that want to build a panoramic view of their customers and activate across the cookieless web, mobile app and OTT environments. Lotame serves its global clients with offices in New York City, Columbia MD, Argentina, London, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney.

Clearbit automatically updates your sales records with accurate, verified company and contact data. With best-in-class data at your fingertips, you’ll have better insights into your prospects and more time to connect with them. Better data also means better targeting: Set up smart lead scoring and segmented lists, so you always reach out with the right message. Clearbit B2B Lead Data Enrichment, Qualification, Scoring and Grow your business with marketing and sales built on detailed data from Clearbit.

Salesforce Audience Studio captures and activates your data to strengthen consumer relationships across every touchpoint with a powerful data management platform. Its allows you to capture, unify, and activate your data to strengthen consumer relationships across every touchpoint with a powerful data management platform. This soultion lets you Discover new insights, Respond to new data signals and sources to identify new audiences. 

OnAudience Data Management Platform is a technology platform that helps you take full control of all users data you collect. The platform is used for collecting, organizing and activating big data sets from various sources from your databases or from your partners sources. Allows you to can build any audience segment basing on such attributes as age, gender, income, interests or online behavior. You can also share your data with partners and use OnAudience database with billions of profiles. Created segments allow you to analyse who your clients really are and it makes it possible to create audience segments that are crucial for your online advertising activities and for expanding your business. 

MediaMath is a global technology company that is leading the movement to revolutionize traditional marketing and drive transformative results for marketers through its TerminalOne Marketing OS. It is the only company of its kind to empower marketers with an extensible, open platform to unleash the power of goal based marketing at scale, transparently across the enterprise. T1 activates data, automates execution, and optimizes interactions across all addressable media, delivering superior performance, transparency, and control to all marketers and better, more individualized experiences for consumers.

Nielsen Data Management Platform helps you better manage, customize, activate and analyze your audience data. You can now continuously adjust your advertising and content across each channel to improve customer experience and marketing performance. Its allows you to activate audience data in real-time across all devices and all digital media, including hundreds of integrated search, social, email, website and content personalization platforms. You can also centrally set frequency caps across all your marketing channels to limit how often your ad is seen and sequence your campaigns and creative across devices based on where your audience is in the consumer journey. 

Adobe Audience Manager is the DMP offering within the Adobe Marketing Cloud, and the leading DMP in the market according to the latest report from Forrester. With Adobe Audience Manager, marketers publishers and advertisers can build unique audience profiles and view them holistically 360 customer view across all business units. Key features include integration of online and offline data from every imaginable source to deliver a unified view of audiences to targeting and personalization platforms website, search, and display.

V12 Data is an omnichannel data powerhouse, V12 Data combines rich data assets with robust technology to provide brands with a seamless and connected customer view. Our solutions bridge the right data across channels to power right time omnichannel engagement when, where, and how a brands’ customers prefer. Our data and technology platform links customer records with our proprietary blend of online, offline and digital marketing data for highly personalized, one-to-one consumer marketing, regardless of device or channel. 

Permutive Publisher Data Management Platform built for publishers, allows you to see, analyze and activate your entire audience in real-time. Permutive uses first-party data giving publishers, for the first time, visibility of their entire audience. Built on Edge computing, Permutive Publisher DMP processes data in real-time so passer-by traffic can be targeted in-session on their first visit. This gives publishers the tools to increase audience match rates, inventory scale and data-driven advertising revenue.

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