10 Best Content Creation Solution to use in 2020

10 Best Content Creation Solution to use in 2020
Content creation Solution enables businesses to create content for their marketing initiatives. These content pieces can include written content, images, infographics, and videos, among others. Promoting collaboration and cohesion among marketing team members (including writers and editors), content creation products can offer features to help to plan, track, and manage activities by both internal and external parties involved in the development of content. If you are a web content creator and need help curating your contents; here best of Content Creation platforms are listed; read on:

10 Best Content Creation Solution to use in 2020

Outgrow allows you to better acquire, qualify and engage leads by making it easy to build personalized quizzes, calculators, assessments, recommendations, polls & chatbots. No developers or designers required. Outgrow has a host of design templates which are fully optimized for mobile, desktop, and tablet, and are easily embeddable into your advertising, websites, mobile apps, social media, SMS and email communication. In addition, there are over 300 pre-made content pieces and funnels that are optimized to improve conversion so you can change the questions, make a few tweaks so it's consistent with your brand and have your own interactive content ready in minutes. 

Uberflip is a content experience platform that aggregates all of your content (blog articles, eBooks, videos, whitepapers) so you can create, manage and optimize tailored content experiences for every stage of the buyer journey. By providing marketers with the tools they need to boost engagement, generate leads and fuel demand generation they can better leverage content to meet their goals. Uberflip also integrates with the user’s marketing automation platform in order to bridge the gap and improve the process between content and demand generation.

Popular Pays is a creative collaboration software that makes it easy for brands to work with content creators and influencers at any scale. Quickly discover our community of over 60K individuals with a robust search engine and set of relationship management features. Collaborate 1:1 with your selected partners via Threads or at scale through our Campaign workflow tools. Use data to report on your work with creators and influencers, all-in-one place. Through our platform, you can maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and seamlessly execute your influencer or content production strategies. 

4. Joomag
Joomag is the all-in-one digital publishing platform to create, distribute, engage and measure interactive digital publications. Create, publish, distribute, track and monetize your digital magazines, catalogs, brochures, newsletters with all-in-one digital platform, the company delivers a unique, solution-based approach with its powerful flagship Crater Editor. Over 500,000 businesses both large and small are already creating, distributing, tracking, and monetizing their online content from a central platform, streamlining workflows and becoming more productive in the process.

Contently provides all three key ingredients: a content strategy that delights your audience, a content marketing platform that streamlines campaigns, and great storytellers that make people care to help brands create high-performing content that builds awareness and generates leads. It specializes in a few key verticals: financial services, insurance, technology, travel and hospitality, and healthcare. They provide enterprise companies with smart technology, content marketing expertise, and vetted creative talent journalists, photographers, designers, videographers, and all things in between.

Shorthand is the premier platform for creating immersive digital stories for the web. Intuitive and beautifully simple, allows non technical teams to create stunning reading experiences, without relying on developers or web designers. This massively reduces the time and cost of creating premium content, allowing the world’s leading media, marketing, and communications teams to truly scale their storytelling. This includes everything from digital magazines and longform features to internal comms, brand stories, blogs, and microsites. It invariably delivers a substantial return on investment, with customers routinely boasting radical improvements in their engagement metrics.

7. Cohley
Cohley is a software platform that helps brands scale their content strategies everything from iPhone videos to professional photography to text reviews to improve their digital performance. Cohley’s aim is to continue to help the world’s best brands generate the content that they need through vetted 3rd party creators, allowing those brands to generate high volumes of diverse, actionable content for a fraction of the cost. Whether that’s branded photos or videos shot by creators on iPhones or more polished, high-res photography created by our network of photographers, Cohley is the content engine that provides marketers with the assets that they need to win across digital channels. 

8. Foleon
Foleon leading Content Experience Platform (CEP) empowers business teams to create engaging and intelligent content experiences at scale. Organizations use Foleon to produce personalized content for every stage of the customer journey and give buyers the flexibility to self-educate and consume content at their own pace. It's intuitive drag drop editor and powerful templating engine provides sophisticated design capabilities while dramatically reducing complexity, enabling increased content velocity across the entire organization. It rise above the digital noise with interactive content experiences that are highly visual, optimized for any device, and personalized for today’s B2B buyers.  

GatherContent is a Content Operations Platform that helps teams produce effective content, at scale. Planning, organising and managing content across multiple systems with 100's of stakeholders is chaotic. It tames the chaos with a single platform to manage the people, and process, for producing effective content that meets user needs and business goals. Take control of your content operations with this and deliver effective content, consistently.

10. Setka
Setka is helping content teams collaborate and grow their business by elevating content experiences no matter where they are. Writing up a post and getting someone to click through an ad or search result is only the first step the real challenge is getting them to engage with content long enough to convert. This is the problem we are solving by using data science and content design expertise to allow teams to optimize for content experience while staying agile and efficient enough with their spend. Setka is a smart platform consisting of a no-code WYSIWYG editor and a channel-agnostic front-end framework. This enables distributed and remote teams of all sizes to collaborate on content design and make data-driven decisions at scale within any CMS or in the cloud. 

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