Top 10 best Project Management Software 2020

Top 10 best Project Management Software 2020
Project Management Software helps companies in executing complex projects within the time frame. The software allows the project teams to create a suitable deadline while keeping project details in view to avoid any guess. Apart from creating a timeline or tasks, it enables you to link all of your interdependent tasks and get a broader picture of your project. It helps you in restructuring the resources according to the changing situation of the environment to complete the project within time. The software enables you to track all the issues in the projects and to solve them to avoid any error. You can bring all of your team on a single platform through this software to ensure collaboration for finishing the project on time. You can use its estimation tools to predict the precise requirements and time required to complete the project. Companies can customize the software according to their need. Here top 10 best Project Management Software to choose in 2020 listed; read on:

Top 10 best Project Management Software

1. JIRA 
JIRA is a project management and tracking platform that is designed for every member of your team. Plan and track your project via JIRA. Management can also prioritize and take action on what is important, and stay up to date with everything your team is doing. Plan your project by creating milestones, setting due dates, and assign the task to your team fellows. So, use JIRA and improve the performance of your team and easily manage your project. If you don’t like to use dozens of tools separately in order to manage your project then you must employ the Jira where you will find the best project management and tracking tools on a single platform. At Jira you can easily create the tasks easily and can prioritize them as well. The team collaboration system of Jira will assist everyone in the team to view the full visibility of ongoing performance any time. The main advantages of using Jira are knowledge management, development workflow, continuous integration and real-time collaboration.

2. Basecamp
Basecamp is a highly advanced project management platform that delivers the management to assign tasks and roles of every individual in the project. Basecamp can be easily accessed from any operating system and browsers. Moreover, Basecamp also built-in with email services. So, use Basecamp and improve the performance of your team and easily manage your project. Creating a project and keeping those who are the stakeholders of that project is really a hard task. But with the assistance of Basecamp you can easily overcome on this tasks. All you required to start with an account of the Basecamp and after that you will be provided with a secure and private platform for your task from where you can manage your entire project and can act on tasks, discussions, deadlines, files and almost all those that are directly or indirectly attached with your project. You can also invite those who are the part of that project and they can also view the project anytime and can play their part as well. The main advantages and features of Basecamp are the availability of the message boards& comments threads, real-time chat, automatic check-ins, to-do-lists, docs & file storage and centralized scheduling platform.

3. Microsoft Project 
Microsoft Project is the product of Microsoft that is developed to help out the project manager in developing plans, assigning resources, duties, tasks or roles, analyzing progress and managing the planned budget and measure the workloads. Use Microsoft Project and make project management easy and engaging for project managers by enabling them to analyze resources, budgets and timelines. It also allows the executives and PMO to define business drivers, measure strategic project and many more. The main advantage of using Microsoft Project is that the project uploaded or created at the Microsoft Project can be easily accessed from the anywhere and based on the same principle it has make the team collaboration effective and efficient all in real-time. Team members, project managers, executives and project managers officers, all can take equal benefits by using the Microsoft Project. The team members can manage tasks, collaborate and submit the time sheet. They can raise the issues as well by raising flagging. Project managers will be provided with all those resources that assist them in managing resources and sticking upon the budget and timelines. For executives and PMO, there is a system to define their business by measuring the strategic impact of ideas, making the timely decision along with funding decisions and evaluating the status of enterprise any time.

4. Trello 
Trello is a highly personalized project management platform that is the alternate of out of date spreadsheets, sticky notes, and clunky software. Instead of out of dated techniques, use Trello and see everything about your project on a single platform. Project managing officers can also place cards between lists and data to show progress. Add as many people as you required and drag them to cards. Trello is the right platform in which you can insert into your project and can see the same. Having a project management platform or software is not enough unless it provide you with the flexible system of organizing and managing each and everything. Based on the same advantages, Trello has made all these things possible. By using the web-based platform of Trello the project management and those who are the part of the project can see everything about their project in a centralized place and all in real-time. The drag and drop feature then make the work even easier by allowing the team members to view the performance at any time and make as many people as they want to be the part of the project. The best about Trello is that being a customizable platform, it automatically adapts to the project, team, and workflow.

5. Asana
Asana is a web based project management platform that allows the project management officers to create the task for work they plan to do or need a teammate to do rather than sending them an email. Use Asana and organize your tasks into shared projects environment for your initiatives, meetings, and lists. All services that are necessary for a project like a search facility, integrations of multiple tools, attachments from cloud storage services, mobile support, tasks directory, due dates, calendars and a high-level dashboard are available by Asana. By using Asana, you can start for any project either it is about recruiting a new team, purchases supplies, making budgets, planning for next annual general meeting or whatever it is. You can set individual responsibilities for all that will be view by the other team members as well. Instead of making the list of tasks separately on the spreadsheets and then mailing them individually, it is better to use Asana where you can create all these easily and then permit the others to view them by making them the part of the team. Commenting, sharing, uploading; everything is possible in Asana.

6. Workfront 
Workfront is the last best project management platform that is the best option for marketing teams, IT teams, services teams and for everyone. It is the solution that expertly managers all of your work not just projects. It is also called as Enterprise Work Management. This web-based solution lets the project managers and executives to manage all your work, projects, and task in one place. This platform comprises only those tools that assist the project management and team members in focusing more on the important parts of the project instead of wandering here and there with complex and irrelevant tools. Workfront is a platform that makes it possible for its users to make communication in real-time and enjoy the advantages of real-time project tracking and reporting. Better workflow, work management, visualizing work in real-time, accessing work from anywhere and then the availability of marketing work platform are the basic sections that are in the Workfront for the ease of the project management officers and executives. The integration of Outlook lets the users coordinate projects, manage requests and share the data among team members directly by using the Outlook.

7. Teamwork Projects 
Teamwork Projects is a web-based business solution for team collaboration and task management to enhance the productivity and performance of the team. By using Teamwork Projects, the project manager can involve all those who are connected with any project instead of sending those tasks and data individually. Teamwork Projects is a way to make collaboration among the team members and allow them to involve on a centralized platform of Teamwork Projects where they can make collaboration and can view the real-time performance as well. Teamwork Projects is integrated with only those features that allow the PMO to get your projects organized all the time and avoiding the unnecessary meetings and sessions. By using Teamwork Projects, your team members will all the time remain aware of what they are required to do and what is the deadline for specific tasks. The can also view the overall status and performance of the other team members as well. Nothing is new here and not those that are unfamiliar to you. Here you will find those applications and resources that are have been being sued by you.

8. ProofHub 
ProofHub is an online platform for task management and collaboration that lets the PMO and executives to manage, discuss and communicate projects with the team members and clients at the centralized platform of the ProofHub. ProofHub provide the basic features of task management, file & data sharing, Gantt charts, representations and those that are considered as important element for the throughout successful ending of any project. Planning, collaborating, organizing, and delivering are those main advantages that can be gained by using the ProofHub. By using ProofHub, the PMOs can easily define and assign the role of every team members and can invite others as well to plan and work together. They can assign tasks to team members and cam set dependencies using Gantt charts. Managing appointments and marking the events are the other benefits of using the ProofHub. ProofHub has also make the collaboration and communication very easy and simple.

9. Redmine 
Redmine is a flexible project management platform that can be deployed for the multiple projects. Being a cross-platforms and cross-database, Redmine lets its users create their own projects. After creating their projects at the Redmine, the project managers will be provided with the project administration features of the Redmine in a simple form. The main features that are available in the Redmine are the support for multiple projects, flexible role-based access, tracking system, real time collaboration, files management system, support for usage of Gantt charts & calendar, email notification system, time tracking, and lot of others that will assist the mangers to easily overcome the issues of project management and team management. The best about Redmine is that it support the multiple projects that mean the project managers can start more than two projects at the Redmine and can manage them simultaneously. Having a project is not enough unless it is well designed and well managed. Redmine is that kind of project management and team collaboration platform that allow the PMOs to get a complete command and control over their projects from designing stage to finishing level.

10. GanttProject 
GanttProject is a free to use project management application for organizing the task and work. GanttProject is easy to use the app and requires no additional plugins. The advantages and benefits of using GanttProject create task & milestones, organize tasks in a work breakdown structure, draw dependency constraints, create base likes, and pert chart. In addition to merely creating the tasks, the PMOs can assign priority to each task in the shape of color, custom fields, or text notes so that the team members focus more on those that are most important to be finished first. The overall tasks can also be organized in the shape of a hierarchical tree that will individually show the progress, costs, deadline, and performance of each project. That means GanttProject can also be used for the management of multiple projects. It is up to users either they want to get the performance of all projects in a summary view or view every project and task in detail. Resources of all types and means of every kind of collaboration are also available in the GanttProject.

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