Top 10 best Contact Management Software to use

Top 10 best Contact Management Software to use
Contact manager software enables users to easily store and find contact information, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers. They are contact-centric databases that provide a fully integrated approach to tracking of all information and communication activities linked to contacts. Simple ones for personal use are included in most smartphones. The main reference standard for contact data and metadata, semantic and interchange, is the vCard. Here some of the best to use in your business or daily life:

Top 10 best Contact Management Software to use

1. Monday
Monday is a customizable, flexible project management CRM with a built-in contact list. The platform captures calls, emails, and meetings with contacts, leaving them easy-to-access anytime you need to. Once your contacts are in your system, and in your sales pipeline, you can track sales progress easily with colorful, graphical views, including Kanban, maps, timeline, files, charts, and calendar. The visually-oriented platform has a clean layout with drag-and-drop flexibility and colorful accents that draw the eye to important information. The built-in world clock takes the edge off communicating with contacts across multiple regions, displaying time zones (based on geographical location info) clearly next to contacts (and team members).

2. Zoho
Zoho the maker of the popular Zoho CRM and Zoho Sprints platforms, also offers a dedicated contact management product, Zoho ContactManager. The app provides a unified address book for customer contacts, with email and social media engagement tools to manage all your cross-channel customer relationships. It allows you to track deals and categorize task types with Tags feature, as well as create and assign roles to team members and set privacy permissions for information-sensitive projects. Smart task and email templates speed up routine inquiries and interactions with customers and help ensure best practice interactions every time. 

3. Affinity
Affinity relationship intelligence platform is targeted at contact management for venture capital, fundraising, sales, and real estate applications. The app’s collective intelligence builds a contact list from companies and people you’ve interacted with and provides real-time updates on their activity. Machine-learning and natural language processing analyze sentiment and scores the strength of your relationships. AI also eliminates duplicate contacts and companies in your record. The Alliances feature, meanwhile, identifies networking opportunities. indicating which of your contacts might be able to provide a warm introduction to another party you’d like to in touch with, such as a key decision-maker at another company.

4. Copper 
Copper is built for G Suite and features deep integration with Gmail, which is super attractive if you’re already more-or-less running your business out of your Google inbox. Contacts can be accessed via email, voice, and text in-app. In-app voice transcription lets you take notes on the fly, so you can further build up a contact record. Copper offers a one-click contact add, and automatically ports Gmail contact info into your CRM, which allows you to quickly populate your contact list, with easy access to full email history, pipeline details, and other info. Once you have your contacts list up-and-running, a highly visual, well-designed sales pipeline lets you manage your leads throughout the qualification process. Weekly pipeline progression reports suggest improvements in team communication and workflow, while custom filters and alerts keep you on top of the most important deals.

5. Pipedrive
Pipedrive is a sales pipeline-focused CRM with contact management and lead tracking, sales activity monitoring, and information sync across channels. Smart contact data finds web data through Google, LinkedIn, Since the CRM integrates with Office 365 and G Suite, you can quickly import and organize contacts from the platform you’re already using; saving you time and preventing you from missing out on key details. With just an email address, you can do one-click pre-qualification of leads; Pipedrive will trawl the Internet to obtain the most in-depth contact information possible, and find out if they’re likely to buy. Gmail integration (appearing as a sidebar app) makes it easy to add contacts from email, make notes, and schedule sales tasks. Full email sync allows you to check messages in-app from whichever email provider you use.

6. Bitrix24 
Bitrix24 is de facto the most popular free CRMs in the world. They provide a cloud CRM solution that’s free for up to 12 users, with a cap on data storage of 5 GB. It provides largely the same range of features as paid plans, albeit in scaled-down form. A well-rounded comprehensive CRM that does everything you’d expect this kind of software to do: contact, project, and sales management, marketing campaigns, and team collaboration via the social intranet. The contact center allows you to pull information on individuals and organizations from social networks, mobile messenger apps, and landing pages, building up a comprehensive contact list. This ‘difficulty level’ feature is unique, and definitely offers a lot of help with full-team adoption by letting you start with the easy stuff.

7. Nimble 
Nimble is a simple CRM tailored for social media, with smart social search and powerful tools for market segmentation. Nimble’s contact record has the ability to combine cross-channel contact and lead information into a single unified profile. The whole platform is based around Contact Page View. It’s within this interface that you can see all relevant info for a contact emails sent or received, social interactions on all social networks, activities you’re working on or have completed in relation to the contact, notes, and deals you’ve completed or have in the pipeline. Nimble aggregates user posts in one place so you’ll have instant, real-time visibility on how people are interacting with your brand. Apart from being a great way to add new contacts, this is very useful for simplifying your operations across social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Data organization, sales pipeline, and reporting features keep your operations on the right track.

8. Maximizer
Maximizer is a Full-fledged CRM tool, dedicated to providing personalized customer engagement that works with your business model. It allows you to build and manage a complex contact database with call logging, automatic email tracking, document attachments, and robust search and filter tools.
The platform emphasizes the importance of data integrity and has sophisticated tools to clean ‘dirty data’ so that your sales forecasting and reports are accurate. Data cleansing deletes duplicate entries and ensures contact information is tidy and accessible, while date range purge features make sure up-to-date information is being used. A shared address book and audit log ensure full-team visibility on your customer-facing interactions. Use notifications and follow-ups to ensure time-sensitive issues are dealt with. Run your workday with a mobile-friendly calendar, schedule appointments, and check your prioritized to-do list. Consult other team members calendars and re-assign tasks to other users with ease.

9. Nutshell 
Nutshell is a total CRM solution with robust contact management tools. Build and access customer profiles, including complete conversation histories. Use lead form integration to turn website visitors into contacts with names, email addresses, and other contact info. Segment leads and customers in sophisticated ways (including industry, lifetime value, and location). Nutshell’s Gmail Chrome extension seamlessly connects your Google and Nutshell contacts and emails, and syncs and automatically updates Google events with Nutshell activities. It also allows you to save emails to Nutshell, sync Google Calendar activities, create tasks, track communication timelines, write notes, and view which emails have been shared with teammates in-app.

10. Freshsales
Freshsalesthe CRM system in the Freshworks 360 customer engagement suite, provides comprehensive contact management. It offers a contact record with full visibility, including notes, recent conversations, recent activities, time zone, related accounts. Lead capture automatically grabs leads from emails. You can develop your own lead scoring criteria to find your best leads, and set custom organizational parameters. Overall, the platform is built to help you boost your customer base, scale your business, monitor deals, eliminate mundane tasks, run sales email campaigns, and create efficiencies through data centralization. For small operations and those on the fence about committing financially to a contact management tool, there’s also a free version of Freshsales (it’s limited to 10 users and 10,000 records, aka leads, contacts, accounts, and deals).

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