Top 5 best Video Interviewing software

A video interview is a job interview that takes place remotely and uses video technology as the communication medium.  Video interviews are an increasingly popular tool in talent acquisition because of their ability to save the time and money involved in traditional, in-person interviews; remove geographic constraints; automate candidate screening; and improve the quality of data in the recruitment management system. With a recent survey finding 63% of HR managers having conducted an online interview, video interviewing software is becoming an important part of the recruiting tech stack. Here Top 5 best Video Interviewing software listed:
  1. ConveyIQ, in addition to video interviews, includes features such as email, text messaging, and interview scheduling. Its notable customers include The New York Times, Airbnb, and Zappos.  
  2. HireVue has received an eye-opening $93 million in funding to date. One if its differentiators is incorporating Industrial-Organizational Psychology in its pre-hire assessments and interview analyses.
  3. Spark Hire is a popular video interviewing software with over 5000 customers. It touts its affordable solution that scales from sole proprietors to enterprises.
  4. Wepow offers features such as mobile and online interviewing, white-label employer branding, multiple languages, and 24/7 customer support. Its customers include The Golden State Warriors, Adidas, and Heineken.
  5. VidCruiter specializes in video interviewing software, but also offers other recruitment solutions such as digital structured interviews, automated reference checking, and more. Major clients include the United Nations, Samsung, Canon and the Atlanta Hawks.

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