Top 5 best Candidate Relationship Management softwares

Candidate relationship management (CRM) is a method for managing and improving relationships with current and potential future job candidates. CRM technology is used to automate communication process with the candidates, encourage their engagement and improve candidate experience. Candidate Relationship Management is a method HR Professionals use to encourage Candidate Engagement and improve Candidate Experience. This relatively new method in recruiting was introduced to the world of Talent Acquisition as a solution to one of the biggest challenges in the HR industry attracting talent. With the rise of recruitment marketing, candidate relationship management (CRM) software has become central for attracting, engaging, and nurturing candidates. Heres the Top 5 best Candidate Relationship Management softwares listed:

  1. SmashFly is one of the strongest CRMs in terms of content marketing. Its software helps companies maintain a consistent employer brand starting with a company’s career site.
  2. Yello received their latest round of funding to the tune of $31 million in June 2017. Some of its features include schedule automation, video interviewing, employee referrals, and integrations with ATSs and HRISs.
  3. Avature Founded by Dimitri Boylan, co-founder and former CEO of, Avature is a highly flexible enterprise SaaS platform for Global Talent Acquisition. Avature has over 650 customers of which 110 are Fortune 500 organizations.
  4. Talemetry’s recruitment marketing platform features five “high-performance” products that can be used alone or in combination. As a leader in results-driven recruitment marketing, Talemetry’s customers include CDW and Yale New Haven Health.
  5. Beamery The London-based startup closed a $28M Series B funding round, led by EQT Ventures in June 2018. Beamery offers self-styled recruitment marketing software targeted at fast-growing companies.

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