Top 10 best Webcam software to use

1. SparkoCam
SparkoCam is an all in one web camera supporting software that is designed for the Canon based cameras but can help for various other cameras as well. It uses the own camera of the SparkoCam and provides them all those effects, features, and functions that add into the functionalities of the default video cameras of the users. SparkoCam is a very easy and straightforward to use webcam program that supports the video chatting, live broadcasting, and even streaming as well. In addition to all these, SparkoCam provides dozens of video effects as well that can be used during the video chatting and recording. There is no restriction for using it with any camera as it is perfect for getting itself compatible with any camera and work as a regular camera. It even allows the users to enhance the functions of any USB camera by adding various cool video effects and graphics to enhance the experience of live video recordings and chatting. Some key features of SparkoCam use DSLR as a webcam, desktop streaming, green screening, face accessories, anaglyph 3D effects, fun objects and animations, virtual webcam, video recording system, a system for splitting webcam video, and many others.

2. Yawcam 
3. CamTwist 
4. WebcamStudio 
5. SplitCam 
6. ScreenFaceCam 
7. Webcam Toy
8. ContaCam 
9. FaceRig 
FaceRig is a software that uses your webcam to track your face and making it something other than human. The software allows you to create digitally embody characters right from a webcam. FaceRig is providing you a real-time facial animation and access you to the exciting characters to have some fun with your friends and family. You can also record vlogs, or transform your party into a fun, use online chats, and freestyle impersonation show with ease. The software is an open place that allows anyone to create their characters, backgrounds, or Props and just import into FaceRig. FaceRig is fully featured for non-commercial home use and can be used by ad-based revenue makers of the place where they can show their talent. There are multiple features to offer that are instant digital cosplay, real-time voice processing, standard render quality, complete customization options, and more. FaceRig is affordable to you, which delivers results with the real-time character driving that is up to the mark.
10. ManyCam

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