Top 10 best Background checks (criminal records) softwares

Top 10 best Background checks (criminal records) softwares
If you are running a job recruiting operation; background checks for indivudual is an absolute must things to do; background check is a process a person or company uses to verify that a person is who they claim to be, and provides an opportunity for someone to check a person's criminal record, education, employment history, and other activities that happened in the past in order to confirm their validity. The frequency, purpose, and legitimacy of background checks varies between countries, industries, and individuals. An employment background check typically takes place when someone applies for a job, but can also happen at any time the employer deems necessary. A variety of methods are used to complete such a check, from comprehensive database search to personal references. You don't want to end up hiring neferious criminals in your orgnazition; therefore here some background checks software you can use to weed out band applicant from your selection process; read on:

Top 10 best Background checks softwares

1. Checkr
2. BackgroundChecks 
4. BackgroundReport
BackgroundReport is a platform that provides users with background checking services. The platform provides minute, accurate, and secure details about every person, and it also helps in the screening of new applicants. The platform enables the users to check their details by entering their name and issues their reports within minutes. The platform keeps people’s identity safe, and no one can access anyone else information anonymously. The platform not only covers the USA but also provides international reports of people to its users. The premium version of the platform includes phone number history, bankruptcy records, and more. The user’s background information is encrypted in the platform and deletes from the system after the background check.
5. TenantReports
6. Verispy
Verispy is a platform that provides comprehensive background check services. The platform enables users to search privacy and keeps it 100 percent confidential. It contains all of the information form bankruptcy records to personal details in a single background check report. The platform search function works in a fast and straightforward way, i.e., users can start their searches by adding the names and details of the person, and the platform shows preliminary search results. Users can select the required result of this list, and then the platform takes the users to a Report Access page where they can see the specific outcome of their search. Users can get the entire report of their result by paying the website through its payment methods. Essential services offered by are Background Check, Criminal Records, Reverse Phone Search, Email Search, Arrest and Court Record Check, and People Search. It provides accurate information from arresting dates or arresting agencies to exact criminal records of the people. The platform offers a free trial and a paid version, while customer support is available online during business hours. Lastly, users can access this platform from anywhere through any device.

7. PeopleCheckPro
PeopleCheckPro is a platform that enables users to check background information and other personal details of people. It enables users to find and learn about people through its database of public records. The platform hosts a database of more than 250 million people and covers data from all the 50 states. The website helps in tracking a person’s phone number, email address, and home address.
8. StarWind Virtual SAN 
9. CheckThem 
CheckThem is a platform that enables the users to find information about anything online they want to. Users can access any kind of data online instead of going to different places from this platform. It is a website that holds public records, and users can check their background, property records, and other such details. The working is simple as users just have to type the first and last name of the person for whom they want to find details and also can filter searches for better results. The service is used by different law firms to see the background of different people without asking them. CheckThem carries accurate and up-to-date information, affordable reports, and multiple search options. Some of the services users can see are Arrest records, Criminal records, Reverse phone lookup, Marriage records, and many other records. The platform helps users and sure them about other people with whom they are dealing with or buying products or properties. The website comes with two versions –free and a paid version, while paid version comes with advanced features.
10. InteliGator
InteliGator is a platform that offers background check services to users and companies. The services provided by this website are of different types, such as Investigation services, Information searches, and Public records searches. The platform allows users to see if their client or the person they are searching for has any criminal record or was ever arrested or had charged for any offense. Users can easily find out about the ownership of any property, automobile, aircraft, or anything. InteliGator also enables the users to find if the person was ever sued or has legal judgments. It also allows the users to see education information, age, marital status, or other information about the person they want to.
Some of the essential services offered by this platform are Criminal and Arrest Records, Jail Records, Bankruptcy Records, Legal Judgements, Background details, and many more. The platform enables the users to see a person’s phone number, email address, social profiles, and person’s address. Customer support is available online, while the website comes with paid services.

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