Top 10 best Network attached storage (NAS) system

Top 10 best Network attached storage (NAS) system
Network-attached storage (NAS) is a file-level computer data storage server connected to a computer network providing data access to a heterogeneous group of clients. NAS is specialized for serving files either by its hardware, software, or configuration. NAS systems are networked appliances that contain one or more storage drives, often arranged into logical, redundant storage containers or RAID. Here top 10 NAS system are listed; read on:

Top 10 best Network attached storage (NAS) system

1. UnRAID 
UnRAID is a NAS management system that contains most of the capabilities and functionalities in a single operating system. The software provides the users with the system of this partition system resources, storing and protection of data, backup of data, and the ultimate command and control over their data and applications. The main area of service is networking attached storage system, UnRAID application server, and UnRAID virtualization host. All these areas provide the users with several other features and functions in the shape of storing & protection of data. As well as it also offers share files, automates the backup system, expands on-demand, transcodes media, runs what you want and perform various other functions.

2. FlexRAID

3. NAS4Free
NAS4Free is the name of the free network-attached storage system and based on the system of FreeBSD. It is an open-source network-attached storage system that is capable of being virtually any hardware-based platform even to share computer data storage over a vast computer network as well.
5. ZFSguru 
6. Openfiler
7. TrueNAS
8. Amahi 
9. Rockstor 
Rockstor is personal and open-source NAS cloud storage system that delivers the willing users with the system of open source and intelligent NAS solution. Rockstor provides the users with the four essential solutions in the shape of the personal cloud server, SMB cloud server, traditional NAS server, and custom solutions for building their dependable storage platform in a very short interval of time. The main highlighted features of Rockstor are supported for almost all operating systems, Bitrot protection, simple GUI installer, file-sharing system, instant and efficient clones system, online vertical capacity scaling system, file backup system, disaster recovery, availability of apps, availability of API for apps developers and resource monitoring system.

10. OpenMediaVault
OpenMediaVault is a free next-generation network attached storage solution based on Debian Linux. It is a comprehensive solution and contains services like SSH, FTP, SMB, CIFS, and DAAP media server, BitTorrent client, and many more. It is specially designed to be used in small offices but is not limited to those scenarios. The platform is quite simple and easy to use, which allows everyone to install and administrate a NAS without deeper knowledge. The software is available to use on multiple versions, and each new version of the software offers lots of new features and tools. Its most prominent feature includes running out-of-the-box, web-based administration volume management, file sharing, like aggregation, email notification, and extensible via a plugin.

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