Top 10 best Android development platform to use

Top 10 best Android development platform to use
Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software, designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. To develop application for this operating system you need to use speicfic platforms; here some of the best platforms for creating Android application given below; read on:

Top 10 best Android development platform

1. Android Studio
Android Studio is a platform that provides programming facilities and gives you various tools to make different programs for Android devices. The platform comes with multiple exciting features and gives you a programming module where you can create and design multiple applications for Android platform. It also gives you the option to edit or open applications directly in the program, only if it is an open-source program. Android Studio comes with multiple options that include running the application in real-time, reviewing the visual outlet and editors where you can directly change the outlook of the application with a fast emulator intelligence code editor. It gives a variety of templates to guide you on how to build an app for every device connected with firebase, support KOTLIN, review the colors, offers maven repository.

2. Xamarin Android
Xamarin Android is an Android development platform which offers development tools for making application and web-based nodules. The primary function includes the use of application development modulus because they offer a beautiful layout, less coding, debugging facilities, and give more Android support in multiple aspects of the platform. The interface is easy to use and comes with a constructive layout that offers a customizable dashboard to provide drag and drop tools to help you in making a preset of tools for later use. Xamarin Android exposes the complete Android development kit and gives you a module for NET developers for easily creating an application using C# or F# in Visual Studio. The primary feature of a platform includes sharing code with multiple operating systems, offer easy compilation, library integrated tools, performance-specific code binding, IoT integration aspects.
6. Thunkable
Thunkable is one of the most integrated application facilities and development tools for creating applications for mobile devices. It has an excellent interface, and the primary function of the platform is that there are many pre-defined modules and only required the user to drag and drop those aspects in a single window, and the code generates automatically. There is a little adjustment window in the code section that enables the programmer to make some essential changes that are easy to do. Thunkable allows users to design decorative applications, programs with powerful functionality and upload them directly to Google Play or iOS App store. The main features include block instead of codes, easy customization of tools, give your community of builders, where you can interact with multiple programmers, and see their work on the platform.
Microsoft Visual Studio is a product of Microsoft which provides a programming language and development interface that facilitates you in developing the application most easily. It consists of many exciting features and allows users to integrate several third-party applications into the program.
The primary function and most attractive feature is the real-time integration and running of the code that you can directly see in a separate window. If you have to make any changes that are in real-time and the graphical user interface, it will also give you control over the application development screen.
It has a remarkable interface that allows you to create any type of application regardless of the platform, and gives you a redefined rotating module with tons of functions, and provide customer support.

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