Top 10 best Bible Apps to use

Top 10 best Bible Applications
In the following list, we have encapsulated the best Apps for Bible, which is a holy book to Christians and being read everywhere in the world where Christians do live. Most of the apps that are the part of this list involve the additional feature and functions as well in addition to simply providing the source for reading Bible.

Top 10 best Bible Applications

1. Bible+ 
2. Bible 
Bible is a free to read Bible application that allows smartphone users to get the advantage of reading and understanding the Bible right in their smartphones. The main functions of the Bible include easy switching of the system between hundreds of versions of the Bible, a system for both online and offline, availability of audio Bible that is not downloadable, get the verse of the day, highly customizable, and a lot of others. The customization system of the Bible makes the users able to highlight the specific verse, bookmarks any page, share the verses with the friends, make the notes.
3. Holy Bible Offline 
Holy Bible Offline is a free Bible reading application that is designed to make it possible for the users to read the Bible in offline mode. The main advantage of using the Holy Bible Offline is that it contains both the New Testament and Old Testament. The search system of the Holy Bible Offline is also very advanced that brings the exact result of the readers’ findings. In addition to providing the Bible for reading, Holy Bible Offline has a unique system of Quiz Game that makes the users able to play the games based on the Bible to enhance their knowledge about the Bible. 4. Holy Bible, King James Version app 
Holy Bible, King James Version, include a standalone app, work in the offline mode, requires no internet connection. The app brings an easy search system to go through passages and verses and search for specific words. You can get word combinations and word fragments, bookmarking system, adding footnotes, color code highlight system for later studying a text-to-speech system, auto-scrolling system, easy navigation to any part or chapter, and much more. The text to speech system of the Holy Bible, King James Version is entirely something new that is different from the audio reading system. 5. Mantis Bible Study
Mantis Bible Study is the platform of almost two hundred plus resources that can be purchased from the web site of Mantis Bible Study or through the App Store. It contains a set of most advanced Bible studying tools that make the reading experience of the Bible very easy and simple. Mantis Bible Study app comes with the full support of King James text, works offline, and requires no internet connection, new Bible translation system, availability of dictionaries, devotionals, quick search history, grid mode, and You can also tap the book name for easily navigate to a specific book and enjoy its tap and drag feature.
6. BibleGateway 
7. Blue Letter Bible
Blue Letter Bible is a Bible containing app that is entirely based on the Old Testimonials of Bible and the classic Hebrew and Greek word tools. This is for those who want to get themselves encouraged and inspired all the time by simply following the words of God are advised to use the Blue Letter Bible that will make them able to find the real treasures from the Bible. The easy to understand and reading style of the Blue Letter Bible app allows you to get the real meaning of every verse and personalize their Bible reading experience to take it to a new level. There are almost thirty different Bible versions in the Blue Letter Bible app that are backed by the audio system, commentaries, dictionaries, advanced search systems, and extreme customization.
8. Logos Bible App
9. AcroBible 
AcroBible is a multi platform application that is mainly available for almost all mobile operating systems. AcroBible is a new way to enjoy the Bible reading experience in an offline environment and particularly designed to enhance the Bible reading experience of its users. The easy to use touch interface of AcroBible make it easy and simple for the users to search for any particular verse and navigate from one chapter to another one and study the Bible with the brand new reading experience. The main features that are the part of all versions of the AcroBible are the availability of the full version of both Old and New Testaments, an advanced search system.
10. Olive Tree Bible Study 
Olive Tree Bible Study is the perfect way to understand the real messages hidden in the words of God that He has revealed in the shape of the Bible. Olive Tree Bible Study carries a collection of hundreds and thousands of Bible apps. Olive Tree Bible Study provides the powerful and easy to use customizable settings, thousands of titles, interactive Bible study, popular studied Bibles, stay in sync, and a lot of others. Olive Tree Bible Study is a brand new way of enhancing your link with the Bible and connecting with God.

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