Top 10 best Project management service like Teamwork

Top 10 best Project management service like Teamwork
Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. The objective of project management is to produce a complete project which complies with the client's objectives. Nowadays we use project management services to accomplish such works easily with ease; and today we are listing the best Project management services to use for your projects; read on:

Top 10 best Project management service

1. Teamwork
Teamwork is a cloud-based solution is simple enough to use even for lay users yet robust to allow businesses to maximize their project management operations and processes. It is an award-winning project management platform that is quite easy to use, fast and affordable. Teamwork Projects has a range of advanced level tools that helps you stay on track of your projects and deliver them on time. it allows you to organize your projects, teams, resources and schedules and more with ease and speed. It also lets you collaborate with the members of your team as well as your clients. Streamline communication, RSS feed, interactive Gantt charts, create budgets, track burn rate, add recurring tasks, email integration, task history, SMS notifications, and complete document management these are also features of the platform.

2. Trello
Trello is web-based project management platform that operates freemium business model created by Fog Creek Software in 2011. It uses the Kanban paradigm for managing their projects. It has a verity of work and personal use such as software projects management, real estate management, lesson planning, school bulletin boards, and law office case management. It has a massive team of professionals who work hard in order to deliver the most stunning content that helps the users. With the help of the of Trello, you can complete numbers of work in few minutes such as creating a board to the organization, attach files, upload images and videos, comment on items, assign a task to yourself and your team and much more. It is a simple and completely free platform for all the users.

3. Wrike 
Wrike is a project management service provider SaaS product that offers its users to tracks and manage projects, schedules, deadlines and all the other processes. It allows enabling the users to collaborate with one and another in order to discuss the same topics or other information. The ultimate of objectives of the service is to help the streamlined workflow and allows the companies to focus on key tasks. It is designed around the minimalist multi-pane user-interface and consists of two different categories such as project management and team collaboration. Project management feature is used to help teams track dates and dependencies associated with the manage assignment, major task, resources and track time.

4. Redmine
Redmine is a web-based free and open-source project management tool that allows the users to manage various projects. It features per project wikis and time tracking, forums and flexible role-based access to control. The platform integrates with the lots of different SCM including Git and Subversion, and support multiple languages which engage the worldwide audience. It offers simple drag and drops option which the user can use create a project. After creating the projects, you can easily add many team members as you want, assign a task and follows each other in order to manage their project. Email notification, multiple projects support, unlimited database support, pre-project wiki, time tracking, flexible issues, customization option and user-shelf registration these are key features of the Redmine.

5. Asana 
Asana is a web-based platform that is designed to improve team collaboration and allows the users to manage projects and tasks without the user to email. On this platform each team can create a workspace, the workspace can contain projects, and these projects can contain task from the users. In each task, the user is also able ass notes, attachments, comments, tags and other important information. It also introduces new inbox features which aim to minimize the use of email. The inbox shows all the update to tasks, due date changes, comment s and all the updates. It has lots of clients across the world, and some high profile clients are Airbnb, Dropbox, NASA, Uber, Samsung, and Pinterest. Asana offers lots of engaging to proceed your projects; You can easily access on at any time anywhere.

6. Backlog
Backlog is a cloud-based project management platform created for all the team involved in software development. It is known as the all-in-one project management platform that comes with the aims to enhance collaboration, coordination, and communication between the non-technical team and developers by taking care of the essential aspects. The platform makes it easier for tracking the overall progress of a project across teams and sending feedback. One of the best fact about this platform is that it allows you to create wikis that are accessible to team members. Wikis can be edit and download by team members. File sharing, task management, prioritization, team collaboration, version control, milestone, notification, and custom filed these are core features of the platform.

7. Functionfox
Functionfox is an online time sheet and project management solution designed for creative professionals and small teams. It empowers you to take control of your projects, understand your business, deeply and also help you increase your billable hours. It has comprehensive task management and scheduling features that help businesses stay on top of their employee’s schedules that allows them to delegate tasks to the most qualified personnel and set their own schedule and milestone. Other prominent feature includes handle unlimited clients and projects, tasks with editable rates, personal calendar, to-do list, invoicing, project status, email alerts, and dashboard. Functionfox is a complete project management solution that comes with three price plans: Classic, Premier and In-House.

8. Podio
Podio is a collaboration tool that helps all the size of the team to communicate and organize things in order to facilitate complete tasks. Podio has a range of tools for social collaboration, task management, file sharing, calendar, and meeting scheduling, etc. The best thing about this platform is that it offers full control over your project. You get to manage, assign, and automate workflow for every team member for tighter collaboration and faster completion of tasks and products. Podio also includes core features such as visualization and reporting, full customization, calendar, data visualization, connected CRM, a personal dashboard and unlimited storage.

9. Mavenlink
Mavenlink is an advanced level project management platform designed for project-based services businesses to bring together people, projects, and profits. It is known as an all-in-one platform that packs with five crucial products you need, such as project management, resource management, project accounting, business intelligence, and team collaboration. Due to the powerful cross-platform collaboration features, it allows you easily post, share, or receive project updates in real-time and keep in such way all of your coworkers on the same page. The platform also includes core features such as invoicing, team collaboration, file sharing, utilization reporting, project summaries, collaboration, and custom branding.
10. ProofHub
ProofHub is a cloud-based project management solution comes with scalable features and payment terms that match the requirements of all size of business. It helps the manager across the critical phases of the project from planning to organizing, to managing and delivering outcomes on time. A single cloud-based platform brings together managers and decisions makers to discuss plans, create notes and to-do list, milestones, and daily tasks. They can easily drill down the requirements and deadlines to their team member by sharing files, schedules, and time sheets. It is compatible with other popular operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows in order to help you access the solution. Core feature includes customization, chat, rich-security options, custom roles, API and time tracking.

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