Top 10 best Online Invoicing/Billing service to use

Top 10 best Online Invoicing/Billing service to use
Invoice or bill is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller had provided the buyer. In businesses and online stores for keeping tab a software or online service can be used; here top 10 best Online Invoicing or Billing services are listed for your convenience, read on:

Top 10 best Online Invoicing/Billing service

1. Invoicely
Invoicely is a robust cloud based invoicing solution targeted freelancers and small businesses. The tool has all the basic functionality that expected from Subscription, billing, and invoicing platforms like payment schedules, workflow automation, handle the business account, client information management, and has powerful integration associated with primary online payment methods, free book keeping tools that make sure your payments be on time, providing space for your business to grow and continuously track your finances. Its cloud hosting makes it more efficient and shine in ease of use.

2. Chargify
Chargify is a feature-rich solution and comes with all the primary tools and features such as recurring billing system, business intelligence tools, dunning management, invoicing, and easy to use interface  Its simple real-time dashboard allows easy access to customer insight, signup, and cancellations. Through this business will make more informed decisions and prioritize what’s important. It works with various payment gateways that enable you to be confident with your billing, you can also integrate the tool’s API into your website. It can send emails, helps take care of declined, expired, and automatically charge customers without a hitch.

3. Paddle
4. Trexle 
Trexle is a gateway integration solution for payments and billing that designed to simplify the facilitation of online payments through suitable integrations using major shopping carts, online banking channels, and payment gateway. The platform allows e-commerce and online vendors to accept payments from all over the world, securely store, management of customer data as well as PCI compliant. The tool does not require highly confidential details of the customer and never store the information. Strict data protocols ensure the safety of customer’s information and never compromise with customer data like passwords, bank details.

5. SageIntacct 
SageIntacct is a cloud financial management solution that offers a wide range of core financial operations to support your entire business. It allows you to act fast in facilitating changes in flexibility with deep insights. The tool includes order Management, accounts payable and receivable. Its general ledger makes entry work easy, less time consuming and more importantly, reduces errors in financial reports efficiently; it offers lots of built-in report templates that save time and understand all aspects to immerse themselves in already present data. The tool can work closely with websites like e-commerce in online shopping by providing a secure platform.

6. SaaSOptics 

7. Zuora 
Zuora is a Cloud-based subscription tool that builds your subscription business. Zuora six engines structure include Global engine payments, Pricing Engine, Subscription order engine, Rating Engine, Matric, and Accounting Engine. These engines work together to give you an end-to-end solution for managing your subscription business for every single customer event.By using this tool, you can easily handle subscriber relationships dynamically. It includes industries in cloud media, education, healthcare, communication, cloud Infrastructure, and the Internet of things. It facilitates revenue streams with ease, accuracy, and security.

8. Recurly
StripeBilling is a subscription tool that allows you to build and scale your recurring business with recurring payments and subscriptions. StripeBilling provides you a scalable solution for your Web business and allows you to customize your payment forms, embed checkout easily into your site by using JavaScript single line code.. It offers a highly secured payment process without any conflict to avoid fraud risks and chargebacks. By Stripe, you can manage stripe’s API and Dashboard for fee transfer and refund purposes. Stripe is available to use in multiple price plans, and each plan has its own cost and features.
FastSpring is a platform for software companies that provide online services regarding subscription and billing. It offers e-commerce services for software to sell more, the verity of distribution models, and enable subscription and purchases using apps, mobile, and desktop. It consists of the latest technologies to support databases and e-commerce with super security. It include Global online payments, complete global tax management, including support for VAT, financial services,  Subscription Management with billing, powerful third-party Integrations. To ensure the security of customers, FastSpring introduces Fraud protection services.

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