Top 10 best Job Recruitment management software

Top 10 best Job Recruitment management software
Jobs Recruitment is the process of attracting, shortlisting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs within an organization. Managers, human resource generalists and recruitment specialists may be tasked with carrying out recruitment, Internet-based technologies which support all aspects of recruitment have become widespread; and today we are going to talk about about such tools which are designed to help you to manage your recruitment very easily; read on:

Top 10 best Job Recruitment management software

1. GotHire 
GotHire is a cloud-based recruitment management software solution that assists hirers with sourcing applicants and conducting interviews. With the help of this software solution, users can able to create a single job post around requirements and allow them to post them to several job boards easily. Bulk resume import enables for upload of archived existing resumes into the platform, before its algorithms scan and parse each one in order to evaluate a candidate. Applicants can able to easily submit videoed replies to the customizable interview round questioning and under the stipulated time conditions. The active job posting, CRM, job board posting, one-on-one interview, an applicant profile, scoring and skill testing these are the core features of the solution.

2. ZipRecruiter 
ZipRecruiter is a feature-rich job posting and applicant tracking software solutions that allow businesses to post to several fee job boards with a single submission and vet all candidates through a simple to set up online interviews. The software program is specially designed for recruit, job posting, hiring, applicant screening, and candidate tracking. Its also has an openness that allows you to create custom branded job posts either by filling in a form or customizing pre-built templates as well as facilities multi-city job posting for the broadest possible job and exposure. The core feature includes job posting, candidate screening, candidate matching, application management, resume database, activity dashboard, candidate tracking, and quality controls.

3. eSkill 
eSkill provides pre-employment, employee behavioral and employee development tests and by using this tool businesses not only find the best talent, but they are also able to create stronger teams through the more capable staff. It enables them to combine different criteria into one test so that they save a lot of time and money by giving only one assessment when needed. Also, the software has a slew of the specific test as well including job-based tests to evaluate abilities of all the individual applying for all the particular positions. This has led to the validation of the accuracy and effectiveness of the tool that is evidenced by case studies. eSkill also includes core features such as standard tests, subject-based tests, benchmarking, reporting tools, skills gap investigation, and training needs assessments.

4. The fountain 
The fountain is a hiring automation software solution designed for franchise operators and all kind of on-demand distributed workforces. The software offers features such as custom applicant workflow, hiring dashboard, screening functionality, scheduling toolkit, and view interviews. It is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that helps to hire teams in building their workforce through automated tasks and a mobile-first application. Businesses can use this for sourcing and hiring applicants to help with maximizing recruiting potential. Candidate tracking, assessment, candidate management, application management, compliance tracking, reporting, analytics, job description management, and Boolean searching these are the core features of the solution.

5. Madgex 
Madgex is a job board management solution that allows businesses and recruitment agencies to operate branded career and development hubs. With the help of this software brings together a range of features with the aim of helping businesses to control and manage their online recruitment as well as unlock the value of their professional audience throughout every stage of their career. There is also a range of tools for SEO, social media integration, and marketing. The core feature includes employee account, search box, key event tracking, application management, visual analytics, resume search, data import, and export, trend tracking, API, course catalog and automatic customer notice.

OneJobSlot is the most leading cloud-based recruiting and candidate tracking software solution created for HR department within businesses of all size that allow them to control and streamline staffing operations. It comes with the tools to integrate and publish vacancies on existing job board and niche job portals. With the help of these businesses can able to track candidate across all stages and hiring processes. The software enables recruiting managers to keep track of all integrations and view positions that applicants have previously been interviewed for. It also includes core features such as simple interface, candidate tracking, complete application management, assessment, interview management.

TRAFFIT is a simple yet powerful recruiting solution designed for and all size of HR and recruitment agencies that offers a massive range of tools publishing and advertising jobs, receiving and reviewing applications managing applicants. It is a mobile responsive solution that can be accessed from any device and integrate with Slack in order to collaboration with between users. With the help of this software solution, users can able to easily create and publish job vacancies to their own career page and lots of other job websites. Through TRAFFIT HR can control the number of stages in their recruitment process such as like and dislike candidate when browsing, invite colleague to review.

8. Zoho Recruit 
Zoho Recruit is a simple yet powerful recruitment management software solution and candidate tracking system that is created for small to mid-size businesses. It is a cloud-hosted and mobile-ready solution that provides its users with the powerful features and tools that can help the easily publish job openings, source applicants, resumes and manage interviews. This program equipped with dozens of back-office tools such as document collaboration, territory management and automated workflows to help you make your overall operations better. There is also a rich-security feature that allows you to keep your confidential data away from prying eyes. The software is trusted by corporate HRs and staff agencies for offering user-friendly yet robust functionalities as well as a highly configurable interface that makes it easy to personalize.

9. Skeeled 
Skeeled is a modern AI-powered candidate and recruiting management platform that ensures you hire only the best and most suitable candidate for your company. The software has an integrated personality assessment module and with this you not only can you determine how suitable an applicant is for the job, but you can able to establish beforehand whether they can integrate the team and organization culture. Skeeled introduces searching and filtering capabilities and enables you to customize your tags so you can easily search and filter your applicant database accordingly. Apart from that, you can find candidates based on their language and location capabilities. It also includes core features such as candidate profile, AI-powered ranking, advanced search functionality, team collaboration tools, reports and analytics, and custom career page.

10. HireVue Build 
HireVue Build is a digital platform to build the best and modern team. It is purpose built to help businesses accelerate their hiring process, enhance candidate and employee experiences as well as offer tools that help you to train an coach the best team. It is quite simple and easy to use and make it easy to identify best-fit talent without the bad experience of traditional assessments. HireVue Build introduces a new video interview system that increases your team’s productivity and delivers better outcomes as well as allows you to create a best great applicant experience. HireVue Build also includes core features such as scheduling, assessments, advanced tools, simple dashboard, and multiple price plans.

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