Top 10 best Fun education & Learning apps for Kids

Top 10 best Fun education & Learning apps for Kids
1. Khan Academy Kids
Khan Academy Kids app is a more robust and completely free-to-use app with no ads and no necessary subscriptions. You can enjoy all its features by downloading and launching the app into your device. Free Educational Games and Books is an award-winning educational app that comes with thousands of educational books, activities, songs, games, and songs for toddlers, preschools, kindergartners. A cast of adorable characters will guide children through lessons, and its adaptive learning path will customize their experience to help them master different skills. With the help of this educational app, children can quickly learn the readings, language, math, writing, problem-solving, and all the other educational stuff. The app also brings open-ended activities, and games like drawing, storytelling, and color encourage creativity and self-expression to make it more enjoyable.

2. ReadingIQ 
ReadingIQ app introduces intelligently organized Title features that make it easy for the kid to find the perfect book to match their interest. The app includes everything from stunning illustrated picture books, popular series, and comic books to chapter books, and all the other academic subjects.  It is a complete personal learning library that helps your kids grow as a reader anytime, anywhere. It includes core features such as unlimited access to thousands of books, uses widely adopted standard preschool, and an online library. The app also contains a vast collection of fiction and nonfiction titles, book recommendations, matches, hundreds of books, search books, 100% safe, and kid-friendly. Reading IQ is free to use kid educational app, and you can download it on Android and iOS devices.
ABC Animal Toddler Adventures is quite a simple and easy to use app that comes with an intuitive interface where you quickly access all features without any limitations. It is a fun education app designed by Teachers and Loved by Parents. Its activates include tracing letters, spelling, counting numbers, jigsaw puzzle, alphabets, pet customization, alphabet flashcards, pet salon, and feed the animal. With the help of this app, your toddlers will enjoy playing a variety of games. Every little action has thoughtfully designed for smooth gameplay. First, you need to launch it into your iOS or Android device, open the app, choose a course to play, and enjoy all its features effortlessly. Some of its core features include a simple dashboard, character customization, lots of enjoyable songs, play games, free for everyone, and no ads irritations.
4. EduKittyABC 
EduKittyABC is completely free to use the educational app for kids having age 8 and under. It is a fun tracing English-Alphabet educational app developed and published by Cubic Frog Apps. The app features a great set of alphabet learning games and ABC flashcards for kids to learn the English alphabet and names, trace alphabet letters, both upper case and lower case, alphabet sounds, phonics, and lots of new songs. It is a feature-rich app and offers educational content in different formats to make it a complete and comprehensive app for everyone. There are more than 14 educational games such as alphabet memory games, matching letters, puzzles, and lots of others. Each of its games has its objective to complete, and you can earn rewards in return. One of the most exciting and enjoyable things about this app is that it supports multiple languages, such as English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, etc.

5. Preschool! And Toddler kids Learning 
Preschool is a comprehensive educational app for kids and offers numbers, patterns, puzzles, matching, color, shapes, differences, and counting, provides the best way to prepare your kids for success in Preschool and kindergarten curriculum. The app comes with a simple kid-friendly interface that offers an engaging way to master essential preschool skills in a total of 14, and professionals create each one with ultimate perfection. Preschool educational app also includes core features such as simple interface, fun games to play and learn, and lots of poems, songs, stories, counting, number recognition, and puzzle-solving. Developed by Abby Games award-winning education studios This app is merely designed in cooperation with professional educational specialists to best prepare your kids for success in preschool and kindergarten curriculum.

6.  Bini Super ABC
7. Learning Letters Puppy
8. ABC Kids – Tracing and Phonics 
9. 123 Numbers – Count and Tracing
10. Kids Preschool Learning Games 

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