Top 10 best Source Control Management system (SCM)

Top 10 best Source Control Management system (SCM)
A Source control management system is a system which gathers and uses information to evaluate the performance of different organizational resources like human, physical, financial and also the organization as a whole in light of the organizational strategies pursued. Source Management control system influences the behavior of organizational resources to implement organizational strategies. Management control system might be formal or informal. There are a lots of Source Control Management software exist but which one you should use; here we've narrowed the list for you. read on:

Top 10 best Source Control Management system

1. Mercurial SCM 
Mercurial SCM is a free to use source control management system that is the preferred version control management tool for many open source projects including Facebook, Mozilla and other projects of any size. Mercurial SCM is a reliable solution built with workflows and working practices that aid developers in handling their projects efficiently. These workflows include merging and conflict reconciliation, usage of multiple working trees and cloning of the repository to backup commits. Mercurial SCM key features including, easy to use, modern tools, easy to use, open source, fast, extensible and distrusted and much more.

2. Subversion 
Subversion is a full-featured Version Control System that boasts of model, interface and design that is said to be more advanced than other Concurrent versioning solutions. The open-source revision control and software versioning platform’s main solution include interactive conflict resolution, merge tracking and file locking with the most recent updates containing features for path-based authorization, LZ4 compression and shelving.

JEDI VCSis an open-source version control software that lets you keep track of changes made to be the project and to compare modifications between versions. It has integrated bug tracking, time tracking, to do management tools and lots of other key benefits to control your basic needs. With these, you can increase the efficiency of development and delivery of the project faster.

4. Beanstalk
Beanstalk is a simple yet powerful version control software designed to remove the hassle of managing deployments and hosting codes, ultimately enable development teams to concentrate on creating smart software. It is a comprehensive workforce solution that permits developers to keep codes in subversion or Git repository. The platform also allows organizations and independent developers to write, review and deploy code to their server with ease.

5. Veracity SCM 
Veracity SCM is a reliable version control software and bug tracking system designed by SourceGear LLC for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS users. It is open-source software and contains all the major premium services and tools to deliver a complete and reliable solution. The software is designed with the features that appeal to the corporate users.

6. CA Harvest SCM 
CA Harvest SCM is an all-in-one robust version control software specially designed to help organizations manage development teams with agility. This is a reliable program that automates source code versioning, changes management life cycles and streamline the multifaceted workflows while facilitating comprehensive auditing, storage and protection for all software assets.

7. IBM Rational Synergy 
IBM Rational Synergy is a complete solution configuration management program that merges distributed and development teams from different parts of the world in a centralized platform. This task-based application allows software and systems development teams to collaborate more quickly and conveniently using specialized productivity tools for managing complex worldwide teams it is a complete solution that provides baseline and releases management capabilities.

8. Kallithea 
Kallithea is a free source code management program that enables developers to view their projects including its contributions in the best way. The solution is part of the projects being managed by Software Freedom Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that provides nonprofits home and infrastructure support for FLOSS or free, Open Source projects.

9. OpenKM 
OpenKM is an easy to use powerful version control system that enables businesses efficiently and systematically capture, store, secure, manage, maintain and distribute corporate information assets with the goal of facilitating knowledge creation, optimizing business processes and enhancing decision making. It integrates features and tools for document, record, knowledge and enterprise content management into one single easy to use solution.

10. Vesta Configuration Management System
Vesta Configuration Management System is a Software Configuration Management solution created by Compaq to streamline the development of application systems of any size. It’s a program that was initially designed for pro software development but has demonstrated the flexibility and capability required for hardware development. The portable platform is utilized by Intel for all the Microprocessor development and distributed to the public under the GNU LGPL License.

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