Top 10 best Social media management software

Top 10 best Social media management software
1. Locowise
Locowise is a social media management software solution used by any company that uses social media channels for marketing. It enables businesses to have a better insight into their social media communities and the team behind in this software is committed to giving businesses an unprecedented level of insight and understanding your social media assets. Locowise most prominent feature such as unlimited custom reports, Facebook ad analytics, competitive benchmark content, hashtag analytics, post-labeling, post time optimization, and campaign reporting, etc. There are three different plans; each plan has its own price and numbers of profiles.

2. Social Champ 
Social Champ is an all-in-one social media management designed to help users effectively manage all their social media related tasks such as performance analysis, post scheduling, and content management to mention some. The software deliver provides users with a single and unified solution in order to manage all their social media accounts. With this, users have a complete tool with which they can manage, facilitate, and direct all social media.

3. Social Blade 
Social Blade is the most leading website that helps you track social media statistics and analytics. The site most notably tracks the YouTube platform but also has analytical information regarding Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, and Dailymotion. Social Blade functions as a third-party to respective social media network. It has a search box where you just need to enter the username from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and all the other networks.

4. Social Aider 
Social Aider is an affordable, user-friendly social media management tool that helps businesses to enhance their marketing campaigns. It is an alternative to Social Blade and offers lots of new features that make it better than others. This tool makes it easy for users to schedule their updates and automate their posts that ensure their social media presence remain active while saving time and energy.

5. Social insider
Social insider is a powerful social media management software solution designed for digital marketing agencies, marketing professionals, and teams. The software allows its users to collect social media analytics of their competition and derive insights into their strategies. It gathers all the social media analytics from most popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and delivers a complete comparison between users and their competitors.

6. Awario 
Awario is a simple yet powerful social media monitoring and listening software solution that is designed to help individuals and businesses discover true conversations about their brands, services or products so they can easily monitor the discussions, know prevailing sentiments, and monitor the trends. It helps them collect and analyze the data in order to create highly actionable insights they need to enhance their products or performance, attract more customers.

7. YouScan 
YouScan is the fastest growing social media monitoring solution developed to help businesses tune in to their customers’ online conversations. The software is powered by Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence; it gives you a smart solution to empower customer support, research, marketing, and PR professionals. It leverages image recognition technology for effective social media monitoring, to provide you a bigger image of social media mentions.

8. Followerwonk
Followerwonk is a social media monitoring solution that allows users to collect and analyze information on Twitter users, determine trends in social networking tool, and expand their reach in order to widen their audience, increase their follower base, and forward their business goals. This comprehensive analytical platform helps businesses easily discover existing and potential followers, identify them by location, sentiments, who they follow, compare accounts, and more.

9. Quintly
Quintly is the most leading cloud-based social media management software solution that is specially designed to help businesses monitor their social media performance, set benchmarks, and optimize the reach of their strategies. With the help of this solution, users can benchmark their figures against their competitors, analyzed them. It comes with more viable, effective plans and strategies.

10. Infegy Atlas
Infegy Atlas is an all-in-one social media monitoring solution that helps you collect data from more than 300 million sources. It enables large businesses to extract information out of social media content that can help them make the right business decisions and address customer queries more effectively. The software is completely a cloud-based, so it won’t require any special server installations or any specific hardware.

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