Top 10 best Information Management solution

Top 10 best Information Management solution
Information management does the acquisition of information from one or more sources, the custodianship and the distribution of that information to those who need it, and its ultimate disposition through archiving or deletion. This cycle of organizational involvement with information involves a variety of stakeholders, including those who are responsible for assuring the quality, accessibility and utility of acquired information; those who are responsible for its safe storage and disposal; and those who need it for decision making. Stakeholders might have rights to originate, change, distribute or delete information according to organizational information management policies. Here Top 10 best Information Management solution/site search platform listed; read on:

Top 10 best Information Management solution

1. Commvault 
Commvault is a site search platform that helps legal or compliance officers and corresponding end users to explore and retrieve files and email across different applications, storage devices and computers. There is a cloud-hosted option that provides access to users anytime anywhere they need to as long as their device is connected to the internet. It is a major part of data of Commvault data protection and information management software’s product suite; the site search solution reduces security risk and exposure using the central integrated system for both internal enterprise search and external eDiscovery.

2. Hulbee Enterprise 
Hulbee Enterprise Search is another powerful site search solution that intelligently retrieves information and documents regardless of their source or location. While it does that, the software also ensures the security of your data, and thus, only those with the right roles and permissions can view certain files. As such, you can also confirm the access setting to make certain of the security.

3. Search Spring
Search Spring is an intelligent site search solution that designed to help e-commerce retailer save time and deliver a seamless shopping experience that increases customer loyalty and boost productivity. The solution comprised of tools for site search and navigation, product discovery, visual merchandising, conversation optimization e-commerce reporting and analytics.

4. Funnelback
Funnelback is a website search software designed for higher educations, government, finance, media and publishing and legal industries. It is a powerful solution and contains all the major tools and services that to deliver the complete and more realistic experience. Funnelback is an innovative search system that solves all the information problems such as simple website search and multi-faceted enterprise search etc.

5. Dieselpoint 
Dieselpoint is a leading enterprise search software that combines the power of advanced full search and data navigation capability. It is a powerful, robust search and navigation solution that allows users to visualize corporate content including document collection, document database and XML. The solution also allows businesses to endow their end user not only to search for information but also to traverse it intelligently.

6. Varonis DatAnswers
Varonis DatAnswers is a leading enterprise search and discovery platform that deliver secure and relevant searches for authorized NAS, Windows files servers and share point users. It is an alternative to Commvault and offers and major tools and services. The solution provides efficient and secure search capabilities for human generated content, with minimal infrastructure requirements.

7. SearchBlox
SearchBlox is a simple and affordable enterprise search, analysis and content analytics solution that revolutionizes how companies, businesses and departments find information and content around different source and infrastructure and make them accessible for clients to capture and understand. The solution is considered as a viable alternative to Google Search Appliance, an appliance-based search program used by organizations to search for locally stored documents.

8. Sooqr
Sooqr is a powerful site search platform that provides highly relevant results in an instant. Its robustness also aids you in gaining conversation rate for your business to enjoy further growth and expended search. With the help of this application, shoppers can still find the product they are searching for despite spelling errors, that is because the solution has a high error tolerance that still yields appropriate and pertinent results.

9. Wiser Search 
Wiser Search for Lightspeed is a robust software created to provide reliable search functionality for e-commerce website owners. It is a lightweight and fast search plugin that gives web shop owners the possibility to deliver clear and fast results to all customers. The plugin allows customers to filter search results intently to find the product they are looking for fast.

10. Datafari 
Datafari is a leading open-source enterprise search engine that was released under the Apache License with the multitude of connectors. The solution features a big data architecture that means it can handle a massive volume of information. As such, you can access information wherever they are and no matter how many files the solution has to sift through.

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