Top 10 best FX Photo Editor Application

Top 10 best FX Photo Editor Application
1. Super Power Movie FX 
It brings you to change yourself into superhero fx effects in your photos. The application is designed by Fun App Logic for Android and iOS devices. This app gives you the ability to change you from virtual superpower movies experience in real-life. Super Power Movie FX includes prominent features such as special FX stickers, effects, and advanced photo editing tools, add more effects and more.

2. Goblin Special Effects 
Swords & Super Powers Fx is a combination of different apps that offers lots of new action movie effects to your boring photos and show your surroundings who cursed hero you are, with its collection of great swords and effects. The app contains a list of unique effects that allow you to participate in the goblin challenges.

3. Movie Special Effect Editor 
It is a fun photography app that allows you to create special effects photos, movie posters and short movies etc. The application contains more than 100 unique effects to choose from them and create different movies poster and share them on social apps and sites to get real-time feedback. It offers a step-by-step guide that helps you to create your photos even you are beginner easily.

4. Movie FX Photo Editor
It is a free to use fun photography app that helps you to adjust your photography by including exceptional film impacts. It allows you to evasion VFX, FX, SFX impacts own photography. The application has a massive collection of the unique effect that arranges in different categories including action, horror and sci-fi etc.

5. Movie FX Creator Pro 
Fulfil your wildest dream by enjoying this exciting photo editor app that transforms your dull pictures into the breathtaking photo creations by adding some stunning elements from action movies, sci-fi movies or horror movies. Choose a variety of movie stickers, cool photo effects and stunning filters in order to enhance your photo montage.

6. Superpower Fx 
Superpower Fx effects developed and published by Magical Studio. It is an enjoyable app that offers you various HD superpower fx to use and make you are a part of that movie. The app has lots of superpower fx effects like fire, explosions, waves, lasers, electric beam and many more for your photos.

7. Movie FX Maker 
It is a fun app created by Youth Apps Studios for Android and iOS devices. It is an enjoyable app that allows you to archive your dreams and add some excitement to your photo by using incredible Fx effects. Unleash your imagination and show your creative skills while transforming your pics into the breathtaking photo creations.

8. Super Power Photo Editor
 Super Power Photo Editor – Movie Fx Photo Effects is an advanced level movie fx effect application that introduce lots of new effects with weapons, animation and sticker to make your content more realistic and enjoyable. The app allows you to add laser sword photo editor fx to your selfie photo and turn into the role a superhero.

9. Action Movie FX Maker 
Action Movie FX Maker is another app that turns you into the role of movie director or a movie star or is the part of the amazing world. The application has a list of unique Sci-Fi, Horror and Action effects; It is an excellent movie FX maker application that allows you to choose whether you are going to be a war hero or in a company with bloody zombies.

10. Action Movie Fx Editor App
It is a fun app that lets you add Hollywood FX to a mobile device that you shoot. The application includes lots of exclusive effects that consists of different categories such as Action, Sci-Fi, Horror and lots of others. For the first time ever the application introduce a new GIF feature that allows you to add GIF creatures into your movie or photo

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