Top 10 Best Polls platforms

Top 10 Best Polls platforms
1. Acquainted 
Acquainted is one of best and fastest way that allows you to create polls and send the links that people will actually want to complete. The platform support almost all the leading languages and its chat interface is instantly familiar to users and works perfectly on mobile devices. The lower barrier to enter makes completing the polls a breeze. It has a powerful yet simple dashboard where you access it all features with any limitations. Acquainted includes core features such as customization, generate and share links, embed the widget on the site, easy to understand and much more.

2. Decidr 
Decidr is an advanced level poll creating a platform that allows to Create simple, stunning A/B polls to gather super feedback. Decidr is an excellent way that lets you create polls, customize it with different exciting stuff and share it with the others to get real-time feedback. It is also known as a personal decision assistant that allows you to ask questions and the community will give you unbiased answers. 

3. Tbh 
Tbh is an anonymous social media application that helps you to poll of your friends anonymously. It is one of the best self-confidence booster platforms where friends tell you what they think about you. Tbh is an alternative app like Polly and offers lots of new features in order to deliver a more interesting experience. Take it easy, all questions and positive and friendly.

4. Decision Jam 
Decision Jam is an all-in-one solution that allows you to post, vote and reveal. It delivers crowdsource ideas to make better decisions quickly with your team. Just need to create decision jam, share a link to invite others, post suggestions, vote and finally reveal the total votes. The application is specially made for professional people who want to take the right decisions at the right time.

5. uHerrd 
uHerrd is one of the best platforms that help you to create and search powerful opinion polls. The platform increases the performance of articles and introduces a new audience to your content. It is completely free to use the platform, and you can access it anywhere around the world. First, you need to sign up on the platform, add detail about your opinion, ask questions and share it with the audience.

6. uAnswer 
uAnswer is a leading platform that allows you to test how much your friends know about your personality and preferences. It is a poll creating and sharing an application that allows you to create unlimited polls, customize it with different exciting stuff and get real-time feedback anonymously. The application has a massive range of plentiful questions about testes, personality and performances.

7. Blendin
Blendin Poll Maker. Ask Questions. Get Opinions is a free to use Android and iOS application developed and published by Agile Couch. It is a new social polling and Question and Answer application that provides an easy and fun way to ask questions to the Blendin community and get real-time feedback. It is an alternative to Polly app, and you can access it anywhere around the world.

8. Pollsify 
Pollsify ia a Fun way to poll is free to use social application developed and published by Rishbh Mehan. Using this application communicate with your friends will make it much easier and fun for all of you to make the perfect decision and avoid going through hundreds of messages and review.

9. Wonder Polls
Wonder Polls is a Free Version is a fun app that allows you to ask thousands of entertaining questions and get real-time feedback. Ask unlimited polls, then share them to get your friends anonymous answers. It is an advanced level intelligent app that allows you to create local polls that only those in you are can answers. It also allows you to discover public polls, vote on them and place feedback.

10. PPoll
PPoll is an anonymous ad-free cross-platform application for polling groups of any size. It is simple and easy to use application that offers an attractive interface for new users to answers and creates polls instantly. The application more than 18 exciting themes each theme has its own lock and colour, you can also be able to customize each theme to enjoy the more personalized experience.

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