Top 10 Best Online Image Optimizer

Top 10 Best Online Image Optimizer
1. Optimizilla 
Optimizilla is an online image optimizer uses a smart combination of best optimization and lossy compression algorithms in order to shrink JPEG and PNG pictures to the minimum possible size while keeping the required level of quality. The best thing about this is image optimizer is that it allows you to upload more than 20 images and set the compression level for each image separately that make it better than others features such as simple interface, free for everyone, rich security features, and fast conversion, etc.

2. TinyPNG 
TinyPNG is a free web-based application that uses smart lossy compression techniques in order to reduce the file size of your PNG files. By selectively decreasing the numbers of colors in the image, fewer bytes are required to store data. Its effect is nearly invisible but makes a very large difference in file size. It is a comprehensive solution that easily shrinks images for your applications and sites.

3. Imgsquash
Imgsquash is an online image compressor website for JPG and PNG files with support for bulk compression and parallel uploading. It is a simple but powerful solution that allows you to compress unlimited JPG and PNG files without any limitation easily. With this, you can also be able to compress a group of images to save your time.

4. iLoveIMG 
iLoveIMG is one of most powerful solution that comes with all the major tool you cloud want to edit images in bulk. It is known as an online photo editor that offers JPG, PNG, GIFs while saving space and maintaining quality, resize the image, crop image, and edit photo, etc. This web-based application is designed for all kind of users and available to use on more than 14 different languages.

5. Photo Size Optimizer 
Photo Size Optimizer is a free online service to resize, compress and optimize your image files. Its major features and services with some new tools. Using this service, it is easy as clicking of the button. Photo Size Optimizer is specially designed for professionals who want to create a lightweight web page,email attachments.

6. JPEGmini 
JPEGmini is a comprehensive file conversion solution that helps you to reduce JPG file size without compromising on the visual quality. You can easily upload Hi-Res photos faster, save tons of hard drive spaces, enhance customer view experience and make your portal more attractive and fast. Get the smallest image file size without compromising on the quality or changing your workflow.

7. HEIC Converter 
iMazing HEIC Converter is a free desktop application for Mac and PC which lets you convert photos from HEIC to JPG and PNG without any limitation. It is free to use the solution, and you can download it anywhere around the world. The solution is especially for Apple’s new image format that is the same quality and less space hungry, to compatible with older macOS versions.

8. Compress for macOS
Compress for macOS is an all-in-one solution that allows you to compress JPG, PNG and PSD files while preserving quality. It is an advanced level solution that comes with lots of new features, tools, and services in order to deliver a complete and comprehensive solution. With the help this application you can easily compress unlimited images and PSD files.

9. Bulk Resize 
Bulk Resize Photos is another online application that helps you to reduce the file size of your JPG image. It is simple and easy to use understand the solution, just need to choose your images, Drag and Drop image to resize batches of your image, select the new size and hit the start button. Within a few seconds, your images are compressed.

10. Shrink Me 
Shrink Me is a leading solution that reduces your image file size without suffering visual quality loss and makes your sites and application fasters for your users. It is one of the best alternatives to TinyJPG and offers lots of new features and services to deliver a complete and more comprehensive solution. The service has no ads, is free, is fast and works offline.

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