Top 10 Best Free Disk Space Analyzer

Top 10 Best Free Disk Space Analyzer
Disk Space Analyzer is a graphical application that helps you to analyse disk usage. With the help of this tool, you can easily scan drive volumes or a specific user-requested directory branch. The tool gives you a menu-driven graphical representation of what is on a disk drive. There are a number of Best Free Disk Space Analyzer available to use that differ primarily in the way the disk space usage in portrayed, here we picked the best ones for you:

Top 10 Best Free Disk Space Analyzer

1. SpaceSniffer 
SpaceSniffer is a disk space analyzer to check for the free space in the hard disk. The size of hard disk, used space and free available space can be view from the naked eyes but most of the users don’t know about that there remain still more free space that is unnecessarily captured by the irrelevant files or that is not properly being displayed by the hard disk.

2. TreeSize 
TreeSize is a quicker disk space management platform to determine the free space and the possibilities of getting back the free space available in the hard disks. TreeSize is a free to use application for exploring and cleaning the free space in order to get the more control on the drive and disk spaces.

3. Baobab 
Baobab is a disk analyzer to get the disk usage information in the graphical form to monitor the disk and drive usage and folder structure. The main area of functioning and features of the Baobab are user can use it for full file system scanning to know about the each and every corner of the files and folders and can monitor the performance of a single file and folder. 

4. Disk Inventory X 
Disk Inventory X is an open source disk space analyzer and disk management tool for the Mac OS X operating systems that allow the OS X users to check for the availability of free space in their machines. Make it sure, Disk Inventory X is not a disk cleaner that scan and detect for the unwanted files, rather, it get back the free space from those files and folders.

5. JDiskReport
JDiskReport is a disk analyzer and disk management tool to get the information about each and every part of the hard disk in a graphical way. JDiskReport provide the users with the file size of each and every type. Whenever you will scan a specific partition or the entire hard disk, you will get back the detail of space held by each and every file type. 

6. SpaceMonger 
SpaceMonger is a tree mapping based disk management tool to check for the file system stored in the directories of the hard disks. This advanced PC and disk management tool allow the users to easily copy, move and delete files easily to get back the free storage space. The main highlighted features is highly advanced scanning system to get the detail of each and every part of HDD.

7. DiskAnalyzer Pro
DiskAnalyzer Pro is a hard disk management and usage analyzer that assist the Windows users in locating the hard disk space that is being captured by the unwanted files and folders. The way of working of DiskAnalyzer Pro is different from the PC cleaner that also perform the same functions by deleting the unwanted files and folders.

8. DaisyDisk 
DaisyDisk is a disk space analyzer to get the visual breakdown of the disk space and come to known about the factors controlling the space of the system. DaisyDisk is a disk analyzer and disk management tool for the OS X users to find out the factors that are taking the disk space.

9. Disk Inspector 
Disk Inspector is a powerful disk management tool to locate the nasty space eaters that are making the residence in the hard drives. This powerful utility assists the users in searching for all those files and folders that are captivating the storage space unnecessarily. Disk Inspector is for the OS X users from where they can access the animated scanning system to find all type of space eaters.

10. WizTree 
WizTree is a smart way of locating those files and folders that are using the most of the drive space. WizTree read the Master File Table of the hard disk directly from the disk and then present the users with all those shown and hidden files that are taking the too much space of the hard drives.

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