20 Best Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing

20 Best Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest is One of top Social media website where Users can upload, save, sort, and manage images; known as pins and other media content through collections known as pinboards. Content can also be found outside of Pinterest and similarly uploaded to a board via the "Pin It" button, which can be downloaded to the bookmark bar on a web browser, or be implemented by a webmaster directly on the website. Since Monthly Active Pinterest Users estimated to 150 million it's very effect to promote business. Keep that fact in head Pinterest launched 'Pinterest Business pages' aimed at allowing businesses to create pages promoting their companies online; Such pages can serve as a "virtual storefront"for best using this options here in this post we sharing some very important Pinterest Marketing tips; read on:

20 Best Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing

1. Add 20-30 Keywords in Promoted Pins  
Keywords are the most important targeting feature you can use with promoted pins. Pinterest recommends that you use 20-30 keywords per promoted pin. That’s just enough to get you noticed; Using a large number of keywords can help you cover all of the broad, specific, short, and long keywords you need. You’ll show up better in searches when users are looking for content like yours, and it helps ensure that your pin is placed in the right category.

2. Feature Multiple Products in Single Pins  
Featuring multiple products in your pins can help them to get more engagement. This tactic can add value to a single pin for you to show users how many amazing things you have to offer; You can feature multiple complementary products or show multiple uses for a single product. Not only does this increase the chance of appealing to more users, but it can also lead to larger sales.

3.Create 150-300 Word Descriptions  
While the image remains the most important part of a pin, the description still holds its own weight. Descriptions give more information about what the pin is, which will help convince users to click and show them the value of doing so. It’s also an opportunity to add in your desired searchable keywords.  Using between 150-300 words seems to be the sweet spot for Pinterest descriptions.

4. Feature Step-by-Step Tutorials
DIY content is a staple of the platform. Images that actually show step-by-step tutorials often get a high amount of engagement and clicks on Pinterest. Images with step-by-step tutorials immediately showcase the value they offer pinners. It can also help make the tutorial look easy, giving users an “I can do that” feeling that motivates them to save it and maybe even try it out later on.

5. Include Links in Pin and Board Descriptions  
Adding a link to your pin and/or board descriptions can increase clicks to your site, because users can click on the pin to actually travel to your site. It can also show users where they’re going without clicking on the pin to view it or leaving Pinterest. As well as adding links to your descriptions on pins and boards, make sure you always include a link to your website on your main profile page.

6. Use Calls to Action in Pin Descriptions  
Calls to action are just as important on Pinterest as they are on every other platform. Adding CTAs in your pin description encourages users to take a desired action. While you can prompt users to repin with a CTA, you can also encourage them to take actions off of Pinterest too. CTAs should always be brief, clear, and to the point. This is especially true on Pinterest.

7. Share Price Points in Your Descriptions  
Price tags can quickly grab the attention of a user scrolling by. If you’re promoting a product and trying to sell it, always add a price tag to your description. Seeing the price of your product can put customers one step closer to considering a purchase. It suddenly feels more like shopping online than browsing a Pinterest feed. Adding a price tag to the description on your pins can increase clicks and sales.

8.  Pin Consistently
For businesses, a good start is to pin about five times a day. Space these five pins out across the day, and make sure you pin in the afternoon and evening, as those are the best times for pin engagement. pinterest following  You want to post pins frequently to continue to build followers and engagement.

9. Schedule Pins
While you want to pin often, you also want those pins to be spaced out throughout the day. Trying to post multiple times a day, every day, can be exhausting unless you have a scheduling tool.  Unfortunately, Pinterest doesn’t have any features that allow scheduling in advance; but can be done with Buffer.

10. Explore Pinterest Analytics  
Pinterest has an analytics platform available for those with business profiles, which lets you see information about pin performance and general audience.You can find out who your audience is, who you’re missing, and what content is performing well. Having this data can help us improve our results over time.
  • Use Google Analytics:  Google Analytics gives you a more accurate idea of who’s coming to your site and how long they’re staying.  Use Google Analytics to find out how many users Pinterest is sending to your site each month, and get you an overview of how users move from page to page in your site.
11. Take Advantage of Rich Pins  
Rich pins are a great feature that you can use to make your pins more dynamic. Only business accounts can use rich pins, and you need to set up rich pins separately and link them to your site. To use rich pins, you’ll need to add some metadata to your site, validate your site, and then apply for rich pins. You only have to apply once per domain.

12. Collaborate With Guest Boards 
Guest boards offer an array of benefits It also helps content from your boards to show up in the feeds of the followers of the influencer, which connects you with new members of a target audience. You can open a board to one or specific pinners and allow them to pin to the board with you; This happens often when you create a guest board for your business and invite an influencer to pin to it.

13. Tag Influencers in Relevant Pins  
Tagging influencers in relevant pins can build powerful relationships that can increase engagement and repins.  Share content from different influencers to help build rapport and make sure you have a good reason to tag them in your pin. Pinning content to your board from different influencers is a good practice, as pinners like to see content that comes from multiple places instead of pure self-promotion.

14. Focus on Product Uses 
You’ll have much better results if you design your pin so users can picture themselves using your product.
This pin shows a recipe the product can be used in, instead of just showing a picture of the product alone.  Your content will likely perform best if you can demonstrate different use cases in the pin image, instead of just an image of just the product.

15. Share Pin It for Later Links  
'Pin It' button encourages users to pin content from your site onto their own boards. Engagement is captured even when users aren’t on the platform. The same idea holds true for Pin It for Later links.  You can post Pin It for Later links, along with the prompt “Pin it for Later” across social media. pinterest save it for later.

16. Image Optimization
  • Capitalize Image Height: Pinterest automatically scales all images you upload to match the exact width, you choose the height of your images.Vertical pins  perform better on Pinterest. It’s recommended that you use image dimensions from about 2:3 and 1.3:5
  • Include Text Overlay on Images: While descriptions matter, images reign supreme on Pinterest. However, visuals still need a little help sometimes. To catch the attention of users scrolling quickly through feeds, add text overlay directly onto your images to make them stand out and explain why your pin and the content behind it are so valuable. 
  • Choose Light Over Dark Images: Research shows that lighter colored images are consistently repinned more than darker images. Images with lighter colors are repinned more than those with darker colors, though color contrast can increase visibility. Just make sure the dominant color is light as much as possible. 
17. Reach Local Visitors With Place Pins  
Place pins provide valuable information about your location, including a map of where you are, a phone number, and an address. It shows users exactly where a place is located, and can even be added to the users’ saved places. With place pins, users can also discover you if they’re checking out a nearby place pin.

18. Keywords Optimization:
  • Use Broad and Specific Keywords: It is most important for promoted pins. While you can add multiple invisible keywords to promoted pins, those keywords never even show up in the descriptions. You can reach your audience more consistently if you use both broad and specific long and short tail keywords.
  • Research Related Keywords: When you add a keyword to your promoted pins; Pinterest  automatically provides a few keywords to choose from before you even search, based on the pin you’re promoting; using combinations of different keywords can increase your overall audience by making all of your pins more diverse.
  • Put Keywords Everywhere:  Since users can search for pins, boards, and pinners by keywords, you need to put keywords everywhere you can. Every possible description that’s open to you should have at least one keyword on it. Include keywords in the descriptions on your pins, your boards, and even your profile. 
19. Run Contest and Campaign
  • Run Pinterest Contest: For those looking to boost engagement, number of followers, and new leads off-platform, Pinterest contests are a fantastic marketing tool. When you run a Pin It to Win It contest, for example, you ask users to repin from a selection of pins.
  • Promoted Pin Campaigns: This can keep engagement up and allow you to connect to or attract new members of your target audience.  Plus, if you notice that one campaign has underwhelming results, you can stop it or update it while it’s running.
20. Let Your Followers Guide Your Content 
From Pinterest profiles, you can get a basic idea of your followers interests, demographics, activity, what other types of content they’re pinning. pinterest follower profiles; You can locate your followers from your profile page and click on their profiles to see the content they pin. If your followers pin a lot of DIY content, you can add more to your board. If they share interests, you can create content that appeals to your followers interests.

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