10 Best WordPress Starter Themes for Developers

10 Best WordPress Starter Themes
If you are just getting started with WordPress theme development, you should start with easy structured and layout, neat and clean code base WordPress starter themes which has solid foundation possibly a blank theme with minimum design, and a basic or absolutely no layout. They have code to display posts, archive pages, single posts, comments, but with minimum or no styling at all. This allows theme developers to quickly start adding their own styles to build a totally new theme. Starter themes are different than a parent theme or a theme framework they provide a lot of hooks and filters for usage in child theme development. Here In this article, we have hand-picked the best WordPress starter themes for new theme developers.Read on:

10 Best WordPress Starter Themes for Developers

1. Underscores
Underscores is the most popular of all WordPress starter themes. Maintained by Automattic, Underscores is a minimalist starter theme written in HTML5 and CSS. The clean code is meant to get out of your way and help you quickly build a standard compliant WordPress theme. You can either download Underscores directly from GitHub or use the official website to generate a theme with your own specific name and description.

2. Sage 
Sage is a solid WordPress starter theme with modern features for front-end development. The integration of Gulp, or Bower if you prefer, allows you to utilize the best that JavaScript has to offer. Furthermore, you can use Browser Sync to develop your themes for other devices with incredible precision. You can use a compiler like Bower to install third-party packages directly into your theme’s core. The default HTML5 template of Sage is markup-optimized and ready for search engine visitors.

3. Components 
Components is basically 6 starter themes for different kind of websites. Currently there is a base, blog, blog modern, portfolio, business, and magazine starter theme available for download. Components is great for freelance designers who are constantly whipping up new sites in the mentioned categories. Rather than using Underscores all the time, for simpler projects, you can generate an overall layout which is ready for styling Most of all, any of the mentioned designs generated by Components are fully responsive and mobile-ready.

4. Bones 
Bones is a WordPress starter theme developed with a focus on mobile-first approach. Hundreds of millions of people still browse the web from poor web connections, which makes bloated websites difficult to load and enjoy. This area of website speed is where Bones shines as a great choice for projects of any size. Again, a starter theme like Bones is excellent for jumping right into the WordPress development scene. It uses SASS and comes equipped with ready to use code for custom post types and custom dashboard functions.

5. FoundationPress 
FoundationPress Based on Foundation 6 framework, FoundationPress is a modern WordPress starter theme. It comes with clean semantic code and powerful customization features that make it easier for you to rapidly build WordPress themes. Foundation has been regarded as the most flexible framework on the web. The core intention behind FoundationPress is that WordPress users like yourself can build great websites with an accessible set of tools.

6. Beans
Beans is a WordPress starter framework, which boasts an active community of developers who are passionate about self-developing a design for their website. The powerful features of this starter theme are perfect for bootstrapping WordPress sites for blogs, startups, and all-around business projects. The best part of Beans is that it caters to beginners as much as it does to professionals.

7. UnderStrap 
UnderStrap is a WordPress starter theme based on Underscores and Bootstrap 4. It comes with a mobile first, responsive grid framework, and its super easy to customize. The basic structure of UnderStrap is a combination of Underscore’s dynamic PHP and JavaScript files, and the static files from Bootstrap. All CSS calls are combined into a single file, and further minified for best web performance. Font Awesome integration adds hundreds of amazing font icons that you can style with CSS.

8. WP RootStrap
WP RootStrap is a flat and minimal design theme powered by Bootstrap 3.0. It has unique designed for SEO optimization with faster page loading. It can be used as a started theme for development of any website. It has lots of theme hook to help developer for further development. The flat look starter theme having a lot of theme functionality to manage logo fav icon and social media profile etc. The theme can be used for any kind of blog or news websites. This is fully responsive theme, works perfectly with any mobile devices or tablet.

9. JointsWP
JointsWP use additional frameworks to provide a unique development environment. The framework that JointsWP is using happens to be the latest version of Foundation. JointsWP tries to utilize as many of Foundation Framework features as possible and does so without bloating the actual core. JointsWP includes features like Foundation Navigation Options, Motion-UI, custom grid templates for archives, translate-ready files, Bower.

10. Thesis theme
Thesis theme from DIYthemes has been around for years and continues to play a significant role in the starter theme’s market. Theme like Thesis can provide a more creative way for dealing with design problems. The Thesis Skins are pre-designed layouts which can be modified for personal website needs. The newest versions of Thesis Theme uses a visual template editor. Using a visual editor means that you are in control of the outcome of your designs.

So which one is your favorite theme, don't forget tom mention :)

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