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Beyond Instagram Filters: How to Get that Perfect Shot

How to Get that Perfect Shot
Nowadays, it seems like anyone can become a photographer, but can they? It’s true that a new age smartphone can capture a decent photo, but still, without Instagram filters and some knowledge on how to apply them correctly, chances are that you will be stuck with an average image.
However, one shouldn’t rely so much on filters when they have an opportunity to capture something real and beautiful easily. There are several tricks and simple photography techniques to take your imagery to the next level and create stunning photos that stand out from all the rest.
Consider Switching Your Apparatus 
Although smartphones are great, there is nothing quite like a DSLR cameras. Apart from their affordability, these cameras provide an abundance of shooting features. Due to their built-in sensors, the DSLR allows for larger pixel sizes. In addition, their aptitude to exchange lenses, as well as the multiple add-ons and accessories, according to requirements of shooting, make them very adaptable to every situation.
Always be ready to Shoot
The most mesmerizing photos happen spontaneously. Therefore, always have your shooting tool with you. Be prepared to seize the moment like many professionals, in order to capture natural photos and people in their most relaxed state of mind.

Use Natural Light
Natural Light
To enhance the beauty of the photo, one must know how to use natural lighting. The light of a bright day is the photographer’s best friend, hence, before you even consider shooting, think about where the light is coming from.
What is the most beneficial way to use it? How it reflects on the subject? By following the light, you can discover new angles for shooting and improve your photography skills.

Get Closer
Get Closer
The further away you are from the subject, the lower the image quality will be. So, take advantage of the zoom option. Emphasize on action, especially regarding human subjects. When people know someone is shooting them, they can get nervous and start to pose.
Avoid insecurities and stay back while zooming the perfect opportunity to press the switch and capture unaware subjects up close.

Experiment with Perspectives
According to most photographers, the number one rule of photography is shooting from the hip. Apart from the wider angle it provides, this type of shooting is mostly used for street photography in order to hide the camera from unsuspecting subjects.
On the other hand, mastering this type of art means mastering shooting on the go while getting quality photos along the way.
Apply the Rules
Considering the rules of photography, there is one as old as the Bible and it’s called the rule of thirds. What this means is to never center the image on the subject, yet place it on the focal point along the grid’s vertical and horizontal points of intersection.
If you have ever noticed the grid option on your device, well this is what it serves for. The use of the grid improves the composition and directly affects the overall look of the image.
Editing to the Rescue
Let’s get something straight - Instagram is an editing tool. Though it can’t compare to a professional image editing service, it can enhance the beauty of the photo. After applying all of the little tricks and photography tips, you can now go on and practice editing with Instagram. However, for the greatest image appeal, try some of the editing software used by many such as Photoshop to make the image pop.

The perfect shot comes with a trained set of eyes to notice the little details and capture them in their natural environment. Although Instagram can help with image appeal, it can’t create amazing photographs for you. It is only a simple editing tool while the shooting process relies entirely on your ability to use devices, lighting, camera features, and to make your subjects work for you, which really is a lot of work. 


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