10 best Tools to Find Long-Tail Keywords In Any Niche

10 best Tools to Find Long-Tail Keywords In Any Niche
One of the biggest on-page SEO mistake is some people target direct keywords instead of long-tail keywords, that's why those site may looses a lot's of potential visitors, long-tail keywords usually drive more targeted traffic than short-tail keywords do, so your site's conversion rate improves a lot. If you are not familiar with long-tail keywords, here some quick example you can see to spot the difference between short-tail and long-tail:
  • Long-tail Keywords (Ex. of short tail keyword) – Monthly searches 50
  • Long tail Keywords vs. short tail Keywords (Ex. of LTK) – Monthly searches 12 
  • Long tail keywords conversion rate (Ex of LTK) – Monthly searches 13
So you may get the idea of that the last two keywords have fewer searches, but the competition for these two keywords is far less than it is for the short-tail keyword. For your consideration here we're sharing some of the best tools for finding long-tail keywords in any niche, read about them sign up and use them to boost your visitor to max using the maximum advantage of long tail keywords. Read on:

10 best Tools to Find Long-Tail Keywords In Any Niche

1. SEMrush
SEMrush is a powerful & versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research. SEMrush is the first finest SEO tool that was ever built to find keywords that your competitors are ranking for. Unlike traditional keyword research, it takes away the guess work & help you quickly find long tail keyword from any website. If you are looking for one perfect tool for long tail Keyword research, look no further than SEMrush.

2. KWfinder 
KWFinder is a keyword research and analysis tool bringing hundreds of long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. This is one of the newest entrant in the Keyword research tools market. However, the kind of features and functionalities KWfinder offers, it’s certainly one of the best tool out there. It provide all important data about the keywords including difficulty level to help you find the easy to rank long tail Keywords.

3. WordTracker 
WordTracker claims to be the most reliable and effective keyword research tool on the market today. Using this Keyword Tool you can easily find profitable long-tail keywords along with important details like searches, competition, IAAT (keyword in anchor and text) and KEI (keyword effectiveness index). With a free confirmed account you will be able to get 100 keyword results.

4. Keywordtool
Keyword Tool Helps You Find The Keywords That People Are Typing Into Google Search Box. Free version of Keyword Tool generates up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term     Unlike Keyword Planner or other tools, it is extremely reliable as it works 99.99% of the time, You can use Keyword Tool absolutely for free, even without creating an account.

5. Long Tail Pro 
Long Tail Pro is the best long tail keyword research software on the market. Used by 70000+ marketers and SEOs. It Score Keyword Competitiveness, it has proprietary Keyword Competitiveness score to determine the difficulty of ranking different keywords in the top 10 Google results. Determine Metrics View metrics to help determine domain strength, page strength, referring domains to page and domain, indexed URLs, number of links and site age, Calculate Keyword Profitability so on.

6. Google Auto Complete tool
Google Auto Complete tool is he auto-suggestion feature of Google search is your first free tool. This is a handy feature from Google, which will allow you to easily find long-tail keywords in any niche. Google auto-populates keywords (search terms) based on popularity. All you need to do is start typing your first keyword, and select the options from the auto-suggestion.

7. UberSuggest 
UberSuggest is best for generating ideas for your long-tail keyword articles. Whether it is for SEO or PPC, you’ll get an overview on everything. From volume, to seasonality, to cost per click data, Ubersuggest keyword tool will show you everything for free. Addictionally it offers Keyword Suggestions, Keyword Difficulty, Competitive Intelligence etc.

8. Keyword Tool Dominator
Keyword Tool Dominator unlocks the Autocomplete service by emulating a real human user, and repeatedly typing in hundreds of search terms into Google. Each time a search term is typed, Google provides a list of predictions (keywords and long tail keywords) of what it thinks you are searching for. Keyword Tool Dominator then simply saves all of these predictions and presents them to you.

9. Moz Pro    
Moz Pro Keyword Explorer can Get you keyword ideas, accurate monthly search volume, SEO competition metrics, and save lists with this premium keyword research tool,it offer 1 month free trial.

10. Wordstream
Wordstream suite of FREE keyword tools enable you to perform comprehensive keyword research, identify new opportunities, and refine your keyword targeting strategies to see greater return on investment.

So which one is your favorite don't forget to mention :)

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